Former rugby player Zane Killian (Accused to Kill Charl Kinnear) Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Incident Details, Twitter & More Facts

Zane Killian is The former rugby player, accused of conspiring to kill Lt Col Charl Kinnear, is now linked to the attempted murder of renowned Cape Town lawyer William Booth.

Booth’s home was fired five times on April 9 this year, and four suspects have been arrested since then.Zane Killian, 39, allegedly pinged both Kinnear and Booth’s phones.

Zane Killian Appeared in court

Zane appeared briefly at the Bellville Magistrate’s Court on Monday, where he was also charged with fraud.

Lieutenant Colonel Philani Nkwalase said that Killian gave a security certificate as part of his bail offer to justify why he pinged phones.

Nkwalase says the document is fake, according to Hawks.

Why Zane Killian Cas Postponed?

Killian is still in detention and the case has been postponed to 27 November for the bail hearing to continue.

52-year-old Lt Col Charl Kinnear, who worked in the Cape Town anti-gang unit, was shot dead outside his home in Bishop Lavis in September.

Killian is the only suspect ever arrested for the Kinnear murder.

Former rugby player and murder defendant Zane Kilian allegedly pinged the phones of various people within the legal fraternity and the underworld more than 10,000 times over a six-month period. A ping costs around R150, which means you have spent in the region of R1.5 million.

Kilian’s attorney, Eric Bryer, released this information on Monday, October 26 following the postponement of Kilian’s request for bail in Bellville Regional Court.

Why Zane Killian Faces Charges What is the actual Story?

Kilian faces charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and illegal wiretapping of communications related to the September 18 murder of Anti-Gang Unit Lieutenant Charl Kinnear outside his home on Gearing Street, Bishop Lavis. Kilian is known to have pinged Kinnear’s phone 2,116 times until he was killed.

He now also faces an additional charge of attempted murder related to the failed attack on Booth. Booth, a Cape Town criminal lawyer, survived an attempt on his life at his Higgovale home in Cape Town in April 2020.

Bryer told Maverick Citizen that he couldn’t say at this point who all the people Kilian pinged were, but he knew that Booth’s phone received 500 ping messages from March 2020 to September.

This was confirmed by the regional spokesman for the National Tax Authority, Eric Ntabazalila, who said: β€œWe can confirm that one of the phones he pinged was that of William Booth. Therefore, he was charged with his involvement in the Booth assassination attempt. ”

Kilian is likely to face more charges.

Bryer said: β€œMore fees related to pings will be added prior to the application of the bond. We do not have a copy of the ping list, but there is a possibility that you will face more charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder because nothing can be ruled out. There are rumors [that] prominent people on the ping list have been killed. ”

Bryer could not confirm if Kilian also pinged the phone of murdered attorney Pete Mihalik, saying this could only be determined once investigators identified and revealed who was on the list.

Mihalik was shot and killed in October 2018 while dropping off his son at school in Green Point. At that time, Mihalik represented various figures from the underworld in various matters.

Another case investigators will likely study more closely is the shooting at a beachfront restaurant in Gordons’s Bay last month. A 40-year-old man was shot and killed in broad daylight by a motorcyclist who stopped in front of Talla’s Tavern on Beach Road. In that incident, the gunman brazenly entered the restaurant and shot and killed his target.

Given the number of pings and the number of murders and assassination attempts linked to the ping, it would take the state considerable time to complete the indictment. It will be hard work for investigators to identify and arrest everyone who ordered Kilian to do the ping and the gunmen who carried out the beatings. Bryer thinks it could take the state up to a year to compile the indictment.

The researchers will also attempt to establish a pattern to determine if the ping was requested by one or by figures from the underworld, and if Kilian was used as a pawn in the underworld’s internal war for supremacy.

Zane Killian Incident CCTV Footages

Meanwhile, Bryer insists that his client should not face a murder charge related to the Kinnear murder, saying: β€œEveryone has seen the CCTV footage and everyone can see the size of the accused, who is a huge monster. CCTV footage shows the shooter is the size of a horseman. Bryer also said that there was talk of CCTV footage of the owner of a store in the vicinity where Kinnear was killed, showing that the hooded defendant was in the area for six hours before the shots were fired.

β€œIt also shows that the shooter had no cell phone in his ears [sic] or in his hands when the fatal shots were fired. I think those facts speak for themselves. ”

But in various judgments, the Western Cape Superior Court ruled that although the gang leaders did not carry out the coups, they gave the order and therefore acted with a common purpose. The state is likely to cite these cases as a precedent for Kilian’s conviction.

Kilian also faces additional charges of fraud related to the allegedly fraudulent certificates that Kilian’s legal team delivered to Bishop Lavis Magistrates Court, proving that he was a registered private investigator with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (Prisa ).

Documents detailing the fraud charge against Kilian released by the State in

Kilian’s attorney attorney Eckhard Rosemann, meanwhile, has appointed guards beside him inside and outside the Bellville Magistrate’s Court. Rosemann said that a waiter serving him at a restaurant was told by his manager not to serve him without a bulletproof vest because he was a target.

Meanwhile, the investigation by the late Kinnear into the gun racket fraud involving the underworld king Nafiz Modack and at least 20 bribery Gauteng police officers has now had some success and shows cracks in the underworld.

Bryer told Maverick Citizen that he also represented Modack and his family members who were arrested and released in connection with the gun license racket charges. DM / MC