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Retired Palo Alto police sergeant Wayne Benitez charged with assault. Retired Palo Alto police sergeant Wayne Benitez was charged today with the assault of a man.

Who is Wayne Benitez and was the real incident Facts Detail

Wayne Benitez, retired Palo Alto police sergeant, was charged with attacking a man today in Buena Vista Mobile Home Park.

62-year-old Benitez, who has since retired, crashed handcuffed inmate Gustavo Alvarez into the windshield of Alvarez’s car and mocked him for being gay.
Then, according to the district attorney, Benitez reported to a fake police about the February 17, 2018 incident.

Wayne Benitez Charged

The city of Palo Alto paid Alvarez $ 572,000 to file a lawsuit for the beating.

The agreement also required Benitez to publicly apologize to Alvarez, and the Police Department agreed to provide LGBTQ sensitivity training to its officers.

If convicted of the authority-colored assault and lied in a police report, Benitez would face up to two years in prison.
“Using too much force, peacekeepers hurt more than the person they were trying to arrest,” said District Attorney Jeff Rosen. They undermine the excellent reputation deserved by the vast majority of officers working every shift to help people. And they strain ties with their communities that expect and deserve police officers to protect and serve them fairly and professionally. ”

Wayne Benitez Incident Reviewed

The incident, reviewed by the newly established Public and Law Enforcement Integrity Team of the District Attorney’s Office, took place on February 17, 2018 at Buena Vista Mobile Home Park.

That night, Sergeant. Benitez was among a group of officers who detained a man on suspicion of driving with a suspended license. Benitez was caught by a security camera that hit the man twice when he was handcuffed and then slammed his face against the windshield of the car.

Arrested of Wayne Benitez

After the arrest, Benitez’s body-mounted microphone caught the police officer: “Do you see how quickly they act when we put our feet on the floor?” Benitez is heard saying to another official, “And this is what we haven’t done enough.”

The DA said that this power was never mentioned in Benitez’s report on the incident. In fact, Benitez wrote that the only force used was to pull the victim out of the trailer. “No other force was used,” he wrote. Video and audio did not come to light until the following year.

39-year-old Alvarez was accused of driving under the influence, driving with a suspended or revoked license, and resisting arrest. The charges were later rejected by the Prosecution Office.

The DA’s office said that while Benitez was indicted, he has not yet been arrested. His bail will be zero as the Sheriff’s Department is trying to keep the prison population down due to the epidemic. It was not immediately known when he would first appear in the High Court of Santa Clara County.