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Who is Walter Wallace Jr (Black Man Fatally shot Dead by Officer) Wiki, Bio, Age, Twitter Video & More Facts

Who is Walter Wallace Jr (Black Man Fatally shot Dead by Officer) Wiki, Bio, Age, Twitter Video & More Facts

Walter Wallace Jr

Walter Wallace Jr Wiki Bio – Video

Walter Walace Jr a 27-year-old Black man armed with a knife was fatally shot to death by Police officers during a confrontation Monday afternoon in West Philadelphia Video Released

Walter Wallace Jr Shot Dead – Incident Detail

Police officers killed a 27-year-old Black man with a knife in a shootout in West Philadelphia on Monday afternoon.

From late Monday to early Tuesday, police fought to respond to vandalism and looting in the commercial corridor of 52nd Street, which was the scene of clashes between police and demonstrators earlier this summer. On Monday night, at least one police vehicle was set on fire and destroyed, and many police officers were injured by brick or other objects thrown through the crowd. An officer was taken to hospital after being crushed by a speeding truck.

Police said the incident began shortly before 4 pm, when two officers responded to the 6100 block on Locust Street on the tip of a man with a knife. Family members named him Walter Wallace Jr. defined as.

Walter Wallace Jr Video On Social Media

A video posted on social media showed Wallace walking towards the officers and the police withdraw. The video was briefly out of sight as the gunfire exploded, but seemed a few steps away from them when they fired multiple shots.

Police spokesperson Sgt. Eric Gripp said the officers had ordered Wallace to lay down the gun and “headed towards the officers”. Gripp said inspectors were examining footage of what happened. Both officers wore a body camera.

He said both officers had fired “several times”. After the man was shot, he fell to the ground and Gripp said one of the officers had taken him to the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, where he died.

The man’s father, Walter Wallace Sr., said that his son looked like he was shot 10 times.

“Why didn’t they use Taser?” Senior Wallace asked outside of a family residence on the block. “His mother was trying to calm the situation.”

He said that his son was struggling with mental health problems and was on medication. “He has mental problems,” said Wallace. “Why do you have to shoot him?”

Walter Wallace Jr Witness

A witness named Maurice Holloway said that when he saw the police coming, he spoke to his aunt in the street. Wallace had a knife in his hand and was standing on the porch of his house, Holloway said, and the officers immediately drew their guns.

According to Holloway, Wallace’s mother ran after her as he walked down the steps of his porch, holding the knife in his hand. His mother tried to protect Wallace and tell the police that he was his son.


Holloway, 35, shouted, “Lower the gun, lower the gun,” and everybody says, “Don’t shoot him, he will lower it, we know him.”

Holloway dismissed Wallace’s mother and said he was walking behind a car.

“It turns around and then you hear the shots,” Holloway said. They are far from it; It was too many shots. ”

Gripp said it is unclear how many times the man was shot or where he was shot. According to the testimony of witnesses and family members, officers probably fired a dozen or more times. The police marked the scene with at least 13 signs of evidence.

Walter Wallace Jr Shot to death and Protesters Reaction

However, dozens of protesters gathered at Malcolm X Park on 51st Street and Pine Streets, chanting “Black Lives Matter”. He walked to the police station on 55th Street and Pine Streets as he chanted “Name your name: Walter Wallace”.

The protesters encountered officers standing in a row with riot shields behind metal barricades at the station for hours. People in the crowd can be seen throwing objects at the officers. A group also marched to University City, at least one TV news van was destroyed, and police reported that windows on Chestnut Street had been broken.

100 to 200 people then moved to the 52nd Street business district, causing serious material damage from the Market to Ladin Streets. Shortly before 01:00, a speeding black truck drove over the 52nd and an officer on Walnut Street. The incident was caught in an Instagram live stream. The officer’s situation was not immediately known.

The 52nd Street corridor was the scene of unrest, with protests erupted across the country over the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 31 and early June. Protesters clashed with Philadelphia officers and set fire to police vehicles; Police intervened with plastic bullets and tear gas on the residential streets. Since then, the police department has banned the use of tear gas.

On Mondays, the scene threatened to recur. Just before midnight, someone set a police vehicle on fire in the street. Eventually, more officers with riot gear arrived and flooded the neighborhood, dispersing the crowd.

Walter Wallace Jr Mayor Jim Kenney promised For Full Investigations

Mayor Jim Kenney promised Monday night that he would launch a full investigation into the conflict that sparked the night. “My prayers are with Walter Wallace’s family and friends,” he said, “I watched the video of this tragic event and it offers difficult questions to answer. I spoke to Mr. Wallace’s family tonight and I will continue to reach out to find out about his concerns firsthand and answer his questions as best I can. . ”

The outlaw also said the ministry will conduct an investigation. “Neighborhood residents assure that these questions will be fully addressed by the investigation,” he said. “While I was at the scene tonight, I heard and felt the community’s anger. Everyone involved will be impressed forever. I will rely on what the research brings to answer the many unanswered questions that exist. Also, at the meeting with members of the community and Mr. Wallace’s family to hear their concerns as scheduled. I am planning to join. ”

Arnett Woodall, a community organizer living a few blocks away, arrived at the scene shortly after the incident. He said he immediately saw how many signs of evidence were on the street and felt that it was a “textbook example of excessive force”.

Then he saw the video. Why not a warning shot? Woodall, 56, asked. “Why not Taser? Why not have a shot in the leg?”

He said the incident showed why the police had to implement stronger community policing protocols and why the city should invest in town monitoring programs.

“The city of Philadelphia can do better,” he said.

District Attorney Larry Krasner said on Monday evening: “The Philadelphia District Attorney accepts its obligation to strive to be fair and to take impartial justice seriously. The DAO Special Investigation Unit responded to the deadly fire that police killed a civilian today shortly after the incident occurred and has since been on the scene with other DAO personnel during the investigation. ”

Krasner encouraged witnesses or other people with knowledge to contact the District Attorney’s Office.

“In the hours and days following this shoot, we ask the Philadelphians to come together to support the freedom of people to express themselves peacefully and to reject any violence,” he said.

John McNesby, head of Police Lodge 5, said in a statement: “Our police officers are slandering this evening because they did their job and keep the community safe after encountering a man with a knife.

“We ask the public for patience as investigators work to gather all the facts of this tragic event in West Philadelphia today.”

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