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Umeir Hawkins Wiki – Umeir Hawkins Biography

Umeir Hawkins is a California security guard has been charged with murder after allegedly shooting a man dead during a dispute over a facemask.

38-year-old Umeir Hawkins from Gardena is charged with murder and a pistol holding a gun.

Umeir Hawkins Age

Umeir Hawkins is 32 Years old

Umeir Hawkins Wife also accused a of crime

His wife, 50-year-old Sabrina Carter, was also accused of having a gun by a criminal.
They both claimed he was not guilty when they went to court on Wednesday.
Hawkins is accused of fatally shooting 50-year-old Jerry Lewis after an oral discussion Sunday evening.

Umeir Hawkins Incident Detail

The incident started when Lewis entered a market without a face covering in the 2300 block of Rosecrans Avenue. According to DA’s Office, the lack of masks led to a confrontation between the defendant and the victim.
Lewis left the store but returned. The couples then began to fight, officials said.

What police say about The Incident

According to the Gardena Police Department, while waiting for her husband’s job, Carter, who was in the parking lot, armed himself and showed the victim and other customers the gun. His intervention led to the end of the struggle.

As Lewis walked away, Hawkins made a firearm and claimed that he opened fire on the victim and hit the bottom of his body. Lewis died at the scene.

Hawkins and Carter were arrested the next day.

Both defendants previously had an attack sentence before 2013, according to a criminal complaint.
Hawkins faces a maximum life sentence of 50 years if found guilty. He was held on bail of $ 1 million.
Carter was sentenced to 3 years in prison, and his bail was set at $ 35,000.

The couple’s Friday, L.A. He is expected to return to the District Supreme Court.