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Tory whip (Charlie Elphick) is an ex-Tory minister arrested on suspicion of rape must have the Conservative Party whip removed, Labour MP Jess Phillips has insisted.

Tory whip Released on bail

After being arrested on suspicion of rape, a conservative deputy was released on bail.
The Sunday Times reported that allegations against the former minister were made by a former parliamentary employee.
Metropolitan Police said that the allegations concerning four separate incidents allegedly took place between July 2019 and January 2020 have been fulfilled.

The Conservative Party called the allegations “serious”.

However, while the police investigation was continuing, he said that the deputy would not withdraw the whipping of the party, that is, he could continue to be a Conservative in the House of Commons.
The worker said this decision was “shocking” and sent “a terrible message from Westminster”.
Reporting the story for the first time, Sunday Times said the complainant alleged that the deputies had attacked him, forced him to haveand left him traumatized to go to the hospital.
The Metropolitan Police said it has launched an investigation into the allegations.

Police received allegations about Tory whip

“On Friday, July 31, the Metropolitan Police received allegations of four separate incidents, including allegations of sexual crime and assault,” the force said. Said.

“These alleged crimes occurred between July 2019 and January 2020 at addresses in Westminster, Lambeth and Hackney.

“A man in his 50s was arrested on Saturday, August 1 for suspicion of rape. He was released on bail to return on a date in mid-August.”


The Conservative Party whip office spokesperson said: “These are serious allegations and they are fully investigated.
“The whip was not suspended. This decision will be reviewed when the police investigation is concluded.”
Jess Phillips, family violence and security ministry for the Labor Party told Times Radio that the deputy accused of rape should withdraw the party’s whipping while investigations continue.
She said not to do it “sending a terrible message from Westminster”.

Phillips also said: “I find it shocking … The Conservative Party has decided not to whip in this case.”
There are also reports that the Conservative Party’s chief whip Mark Spencer was aware of the allegations and spoke to the previously alleged victim.

According to sources, Mr. Spencer did not know the “magnitude” of the allegations.
The chief whip spokesman said that he took all allegations of harassment and abuse very seriously and encouraged everyone who approached him to contact appropriate officials.

Tory whip Issues and reports

The complainant, a former councilor in his 20s, reported four incidents allegedly occurring between July 2019 and January 2020 in Westminster, Lambeth and Hackney.

The Conservative Party spokesperson said the issue was treated “extremely seriously”.
Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said on Sunday that he did not know the name of the lawmaker under investigation.

Speaking with Times Radio, “I read the accusations in the newspapers this morning, but I don’t know more about you than this.

“These are very serious allegations and they have to be investigated. The police are in the hands, so I don’t think I can comment any more than that.”

“I think it is difficult to comment if I do not know the allegations – I do not know the individual’s identity,” said the deputy in question whether to remove the whip during the investigation.

“I know that this is handled by Chief Whip, who is in contact with the Member of Parliament in question, and I am sure they will take all necessary steps as more information comes out.”

Personally, Tory asked if he wanted to see his whips removed: “We have to take the claims of this nature very seriously and I am sure the party is and will do it.”

Also, Mr. Jenrick was asked if Parliament was a “safe place” for young women to work: “It should be. There have been obviously very difficult claims and cases in recent years.
“Like all other workplaces, we need to make sure that everyone is safe and comfortable, and that they are treated with the seriousness they deserve when claims are made.”