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Tatiana Turner

The driver Tatiana Turner arrested, Two Trump supporters were injured on Saturday in Yorba Linda, California, when driver Tatiana Turner, 40, ploughed into the crowd

Tatiana Turner  Wiki and Facts

  • Two Trump supporters were injured on Saturday in Yorba Linda, California, when driver Tatiana Turner, 40, ploughed into the crowd
  • Turner, the founder of pro-BLM group Caravan4Justice in Yorba Linda, was arrested a short distance away after she fled the scene and charged with attempted murder 
  • Car was caught on video accelerating into the crowd of Trump supporters, as an opposing Black Lives Matter demonstration was taking place nearby 

Who is Tatiana Turner and why arrested

A Black Lives Matter promoter was arrested and two injured after the video showed a crowd of Trump supporters in Southern California driving.

Tatiana Turner

Tatiana Turner, 40-year-old driver from Long Beach, was arrested and charged for the attempted murder and the assault with a deadly gun, following the incident in Yorba Linda, about 30 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles on Saturday.

Chaos arose when about 250 people gathered, some supporting a group called Caravan4Justice, Black Lives Matter, and others staging a close counter protest supporting President Donald Trump.

Federal records show that Turner made a trademark application for Caravan4Justice in July, and a GoFundMe campaign called her the ‘founder’ of the group.

Police have confirmed that they believe Turner is a member of Caravan4Justice.

Police said a car in the parking lot of the Yorba Linda Public Library on the 18181 Imperial Highway accelerated the road and hit at least two people.

Tatiana Turner  Incident Detail

‘Oh my God!’ As the white Nissan Versa sped up through the crowd, a woman was heard screaming as she threw demonstrators onto the sidewalk and swiftly moved away.

Angry crowds followed the car and shot it with flagpoles, but within seconds the police intervened and detained the female driver.

Carrie Braun, a spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, said that two injured people, one male and one female, were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Why the incident occurred

The incident occurred while Black Lives Matter members demonstrated against police violence and systematic racism.

Officials said counter-protesters crossed the six-lane Imperial Highway and confronted BLM protesters. Braun said the protesters also met in the parking lot of the Yorba Linda public library.

Braun said a white sedan passed through the crowd in the parking lot or through the exit of the parking lot in the public library and two people were injured.

People chased the car while trying to drive away and it was eventually stopped and surrounded by police.

The record reported that it was not known how fast the car was driving. The rear window was broken and had a flagpole on it. The registry reported that the windshield was broken.


Braun said there were 300 people in total and at one point an illegal meeting was declared and distribution orders were given.

Thursday night, a BLM protester was hit by a pickup truck during a walk in Hollywood and was injured without life.

Los Angeles police said Friday that preliminary investigation found that the driver was trying to maneuver through the crowd while protesters were trying to beat the vehicle with sticks and open the door.

The driver was trying to get away from the situation when he hit the protester. The driver stopped a few blocks away and collaborated with the officers. He was released until the conclusion of the investigation.

The investigation continues into the incident at Yorba Linda on Saturday. Turner is being held in Orange County Prison and it is unclear if he has a lawyer to speak on his behalf.

Tatiana Turner Full Story

A woman was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder for allegedly driving a van to counter-protesters during an incident demanding justice for Breonna Taylor.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said Tatiana Turner, 40, from Long Beach, California, was arrested for the violent incidents that broke out in a protest planned Saturday by a group called “Caravan of Justice” in Yorba Linda, California.

The protest, held just before it was announced that a Louisville police officer would be indicted after being shot at Taylor’s home, was greeted with counter-protests from those waving American flags and pro-Trump signs, FOX LA reported. .

Around 3 pm, police said that a vehicle in the parking lot of the Yorba Linda Public Library on the 18181 Imperial Highway hit at least two people before they hit the road.

Videos on social media show a white sedan crawling into a crowd of people waving Trump flags. A man and a woman were injured when they hit the vehicle.

“The man’s two legs were broken and the woman was seriously injured,” Sergeant. Dennis Breckner of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department told FOX LA. “Both were transferred to a hospital to treat their wounds.”

The driver, later identified as Turner, was believed to be part of the Justice Caravan group.


He was arrested at a short distance from the incident on suspicion of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

“The Orange County Sheriff’s Department sought mutual assistance and multiple agencies across Orange County responded promptly to help,” the department said in a statement. “Thank you to the outside agencies that responded.”

The incident was the third time a vehicle crashed into protesters in California in a week.