Storm Alex 2020 will bring wet and windy weather this week

Storm Alex 202 has been named by @meteofrance

Met Éireann warned that Storm Alex is ready to bring wet and windy weather in Ireland, Britain and France, including thunderstorms and heavy downpours for the remainder of this week.

Storm Alex 2020 Name was chosen by the French meeting office.

It will hit France, parts of northern Spain and southern England between Thursday night and Friday morning, and is expected to arrive in Ireland late that day.

Storm Alex 2020

Torrential rain will then spread throughout Ireland, with risk of flooding on Saturday, and there will be fierce gusts along the coastal areas.

The rain will ease in many places on Sunday, but the rainstorm will continue for most of the day.


Storm Alex, named after Météo France, will sail from Biscay Bay to the French shores later today, before heading to the islands tomorrow.

Jersey Met said there was a potential of 75 to 100 mm of rain between Friday and Sunday. The average for the whole month is 104.7mm.

And the shipping estimate is a warning of ‘force seven to severe nine, perhaps ten occasional storms’ wind. This estimate is for the shipping area around the islands, and onshore winds are expected to hit storm force eight to strong nine.

As the storm brings low pressure to northern France and the Channel Islands, the Jersey Met says warnings could also be given as a series of high tides between 10.6 and 10.8 meters occurred between tonight and Sunday night.

Météo France yesterday, in the coastal areas of southern Brittany and the Loire Atlantique, the storm came ashore late this night, while Brittany and other parts of Normandy faced winds of 100 to 120kmh (62 to 75mph), winds of up to 140kmh (87mph). predicts that he can live.