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Stephanie Kifowit Wiki

Stephanie Kifowit is the Illinois state representative for the 84th district, which includes all or parts of Aurora, Boulder Hill, Montgomery, Naperville, and Oswego. Kifowit is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, a former substitute teacher, and previously served as an alderman in the city of Aurora. She is currently serving on the Healthcare Licensing, Financial Institutions, Intermodal Transportation, General Services Appropriation – Vice Chairman, and Business Growth Committees for the 99th General Assembly.


Stephanie Kifowit Age

Stephanie Kifowit is currently 49 years old (born September 14, 1971).

Stephanie Kifowit About Buttigieg’s age

Kifowit said that Buttigieg’s age, 37, makes him somewhat young for a presidential candidate, but noted that John F. Kennedy was 43 when he was elected.

Stephanie Kifowit Announced endorsement

State Rep. Stephanie Kifowit, D-Oswego, announced her endorsement of Democrat Pete Buttigieg for president on Monday.

Buttigieg is currently in his eighth year as mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Kifowit said she was in Iowa last week helping out with Buttigieg’s campaign, and that it was time to make her endorsement of a presidential candidate.

Stephanie Kifowit Views about Buttigieg

She said her support for Buttigieg revolves around “his military background, relative youth and energy and common sense ideas.”

State Rep. Stephanie Kifowit, D-Oswego
State Rep. Stephanie Kifowit, D-Oswego (Stephanie Kifowit / Handout)

“I think it’s really important we have a commander-in-chief that was in the military and understands the importance of veterans who I really feel have been devalued,” she said. “Someone with that experience is important when you’re talking about our national security. Pete (Buttigieg) was a naval intelligence officer and was deployed. I also really like his energy and determination.”

Stephanie Kifowit Education

Stephanie graduated with a Bachelor of Science in political science and a Masters of Public Administration from Northern Illinois University.

Stephanie Kifowit appointment as governor

In 2018, Kifowit was appointed to Governor-elect J.B. Pritzker’s transition committee on Veterans Affairs.

Buttigieg about Stephanie Kifowit leadership

Buttigieg has said that female veterans and service members have been neglected, including concerns about sexual harassment and women’s health.

“I think leadership plays a huge role so absolutely I’d seek to name a woman to lead the VA,” Buttigieg said in an interview with The Associated Press. His comments went a step beyond his 21-page wide-ranging plan released on Monday.

Of the Cabinet and Cabinet-level roles, four have never been held by a woman: Veterans Affairs, Defense, Treasury and White House chief of staff. Buttigieg says he’d take a close look at appointing a female defense secretary as well.