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Spencer Grammer is the daughter of Kelsey Grammer’s was slashed by a knife-wielding man in New York City on July 24, 2020

The daughter of Beverly Hills husband Kelsey Grammer, Spencer Grammer TMZ was interrupted by a man using a knife in New York on July 24, 2020, according to the singer and Real Housewives. Kelsey Grammer is Beverly’s ex-Real Hills, ex-husband, Hillstar, Camille Grammer.

Spencer Grammer In Black Ant

According to TMZ, Grammer and her friends were in a place called Black Ant, a restaurant in New York’s East Village when the incident occurred. A man walked to request entry, the restaurant was about to close. According to TMZ, when her entry was refused, she clapped a knife and started fighting with employees and customers. TMZ’s sources say that Grammer is among some of the people trying to get the man out of the organization, but as a result, Grammer was dropped on the arm.

According to TMZ, the man fled on foot and was not yet caught by law enforcement officers. Grammer plays Summer Smith on the Rick & Morty show.

What Witnesses Say About the incident?

According to The New York Post, the witness to the scene called David said it looked like a “complete fight”. According to the New York Post, a man bought a fast food chair and began to swing when the man using the knife refused to leave. “Everyone jumped from their seats. Maybe about 15 people. Everyone was trying to separate them, ”David said to the drunk Post and the restaurant rocking the chair.

“It seemed like there was a complete fight. At one point a table was overturned, ”said David Post,“ Everyone jumped out of their seats – maybe about 15 people. Everyone was trying to separate them. ”

David continued as follows: “A man was writing to restrain the knife, then I saw that the blood came out from the bottom right of her back. I saw enough blood coming to say that something was going on. ” she then said to call 911.

Spencer Grammer Incident and Hospitalization

The actress daughter of Kelsey Grammer was hospitalized on Friday night in New York after cutting her arm by a drunk man using a knife.

Spencer Grammer, 36, was eating with a boyfriend at the Empty Ant in the Eastern Village, when the drunk man entered the building and asked for a table at around 11.30.

When the man was refused, he was reported to start discussing with the employees, and the incident soon became physical.

Spencer Grammer Best Known For

Spencer – who is best known for voicing the character Summer Smith in the popular animated series Rick and Morty – then jumped in to try and diffuse the situation.

At that point, the drunk man pulled out a knife and slashed the star down her arm.

‘Everyone jumped out of their seats. About 15 people maybe. Everyone was trying to pull them apart, It looked like there was a full on brawl,’ one eyewitness told The New York Post.  

Spencer’s dinner date, Jan Phillip Mueller, was also injured after trying to pull the knifeman away.

The pair were taken to Bellevue Hospital where they were treated for their injuries before being released. Their attacker is still at large after fleeing from the scene.

Spencer Grammer Divorced

According to US Weekly, Grammer left her husband James Hesketh after six years of marriage. According to Us Weekly, the couple married in February 2011 at the City Hall in New York. According to The Daily Mail, the couple has a young son named Emmett, whom they met only eight months after marriage. Just before the time comes, Grammer told the People, “We spend our lives thinking ourselves. I am excited to meet the baby because she has been living in my belly for the last nine months. ”

According to The Daily Mail, Grammer’s ex-husband is a fireman. She shared with her father Kelsey Grammer in 2007 with People. “It was very good because I was an actress. she always tells me to follow my heart and do something for the right reasons. ”

Spencer Grammer  Facts You must need to know

  • Spencer Grammer was dining with a friend at The Black Ant in the East Village on Friday night
  • A drunk man wandered into the area and began fighting with employees; the confrontation soon turned physical
  • Spencer was among a number of diners who jumped in to help break up the fight; she had her arm slashed by a knife the intoxicated male was wielding
  • She was rushed to Bellevue Hospital where she was treated for the injury
  • Incidences of violent crime in New York City have been surging amid widespread anti-police protests  

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