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sonya holt is Tennessee woman who was caught on tape saying homophobic and racist remarks at a Black Lives Matter protest has apologized and said she should have known better. Wiki
Black Tennessee Lives Matter protested homophobic and racist words and a Tennessee woman who was stuck in the tape apologized and said she should know better.

sonya holt Shouted

Something that Sonya Holt shouted, “The question of white life, white life is better,” went viral during the weekend. He even shouted at a protester: “You’re a gay homosexual nonsense that will burn in hell,” says WCYB-TV. The Keith Family Vision Clinic in Johnson City confirmed on Monday morning, July 6, that he is no longer an employee and made Holt the last bigoted to face the racist results.

sonya holt in a rally

Sonya Holt attended the rally as a counter-protester on Saturday in female Elizabethton, Tennessee. In a video recorded by a young Sierra Gilmer, Holt can be heard saying, “White life is important, white life is better.” He was caught in another video at the event and commented on a man who was screaming, “You’re a gay homosexual —- you’ll burn in hell.”
While the Black Lives Matter protests continued to push the streets up and down in the U.S., there were protesters against the vocals who organized the police who wanted to see the end to kill Black people.

sonya holt Video Footage

In the videos, Holt was seen strolling loudly at a demonstration around a rally organized by the New Panthers Initiative in Covered Bridge Park.

Someone uploaded to Facebook showed his homophobia, which he asked a protester, Seth Loven, “cross the line, f * g boy”.

Posted by Seth Loven on Saturday, 4 July 2020

The shooter returned to Holt and, as he walked away, called him “Karen”, making other counter-protesters say hate instead.
Activist Sierra Gilmer, who recorded one of the viral videos, talked about the volatility of protesters’ statements against WJHL.
“He’s crazy,” said 16 years old. “We had to know what to expect. We knew there would be a counter-protest.

“We knew things might be a little crazy. But I wasn’t expecting this.

“I think people think it’s important to realize that racism is everywhere and even if you don’t think how much it can be in your community.
“A lot of people said that they didn’t realize there was a problem in Elizabethton, but now their eyes are open.
“So I think people need to be aware and address them when they see them.”
Holt apologized to Gilmer after his dismissal and said: “I didn’t know he was small. ”
He also refused to be racist and tried to excuse the use of homophobic slurs, claiming that Loven called him “Ku Klux Karen”. He denied this violently and has no image saying that in any shot.