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The latest buzzy Netflix docuseries follows the work of Sima Taparia, a Mumbai-based matchmaker, who travels the world trying to help her clients find arranged marriages. Sima Taparia matchmaker

The show, which follows matchmaker Sima Taparia find suitable partners for Indians & Indian Americans, perpetuates the regressive idea that parents know best.

Many people took a look at and talked to “Indian Matchmaking” this weekend.

Indian Matchmaking Woman Sima Taparia

Indian Matchmaking on Netflix is ​​aunt’s eyes that anyone should see highlighted or worse, glorified. Watching the show following Mumbai-based matchmaker Sima Taparia finding suitable partners for Indians and Indian Americans is as distracting as talking to an Indian ‘aunt’ at a wedding when you reach the ‘marriage age’.

Sima Taparia is a Mumbai-based matchmaker

The latest buzzy Netflix documents follow the work of Sima Taparia, a Mumbai-based matchmaker, traveling around the world to help customers find arranged marriages.

What you need to know about the new show without the promised spoiler:
Meet Aunt Sima Taparia

Taparia praises its customers to call it “Sima Auntie” and is a part matcher / part therapist / part family adviser.
He has experience in both arranged marriages since he entered himself more than 30 years ago and was in front of the camera.

Taparia was featured in the 2017 documentary “A Eligible Girl” about three single Indian women dealing with the pressure to find a husband.

Aunt uncle ideology is an ideology that assumes that our parents know best about finding a life partner and their children’s views are insignificant.

They cite figures about the failure rate of ‘love marriages’ in India as evidence that preferred arranged marriage styles are always superior and will always be superior. Forget that what makes someone marry on their own will also strengthen their emergence from a potentially toxic, abusive or dysfunctional relationship.

Smriti Mundhra directed this document “Indian Matchmaking”.

Smriti Mundhra directed this document and is the creator of “Indian Matchmaking”.
There are a number of characters

There are many people to love and possibly hate, from women who are counted by fans beyond the super selector, to a professional face reader.

Said discerning client Aparna wins the “audience will definitely feel about it” award and offers romantic observations about a potential suitor, such as “I don’t hate him”.
About much more than regulated marriages
There are everything from family secrets to conflict with mothers. Definitely keep an eye out for mothers because they can be … very.

Not everyone likes the show

Speaking of his desire for “fair and cute” women, there was a reaction about the coloring complaints and the show.
“Watching Indian Matchmaking on Netflix and the comfort that people continue to repeat the” fair “condition … disturbing” is the tweeted novelist Ayelet Waldman, who is also the author of the Netflix series “Incredible”.