Who is Sheri Easterling Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & More Facts

Sheri Easterling Wiki – Sheri Easterling Biography

TikTok star, best known for being the mother of social star Addison Easterling. The app is known to share its own TikTok content with dance and lip sync videos for its 7 million followers. Its TikTok username is sherinicolee. In January 2020, She signed with the WME talent agency.

Sheri Easterling Before She got famous

He first started appearing on TikTok as a guest on Addison’s account. She then created his own movie in August 2019 and shared a viral video with his daughter that gained over 800,000 likes.

Sheri Easterling trivial things

It is also known to share travel photography via Instagram and has traveled to places like Panama City, Concan Texas and Aruba.

Sheri Easterling Family

In addition to Addison, She has two sons, Lucas and Enzo. She often shares photos on Instagram with her husband Monty Lopez.

Sheri Easterling Relationship Kirk Cameron

In May 2017, in his Instagram account, She shared a photo with actor Kirk Cameron at the First Baptist Church in Haughton.
Less than a year ago, TikTok was a relatively unknown social media platform used mostly by young people. However, now, TikTok has become one of the most popular platforms and has resulted in new generation internet celebrities.

Among them is Sheri Easterling, 40, who met TikTok by her daughter Addison Rae. After showing on a few of her daughter’s videos, Sheri began developing her own fan base. While most children are most likely disturbed by the idea that their parents are on social media, Sheri may be the mother who refreshed her. Here are 10 things you might not have known about Sheri Easterling.

10 Facts You must need to know about Sheri Easterling

1. Sheri Easterling Engineer by Trade

Being a mother at home doesn’t mean exactly what it means. Â Apparently Sheri may have given up traditional work to become a full-time social media star, but she’s definitely doing a lot of work. Even outside of social media, She has real dealing skills. Sheri worked in engineering and is also experienced as a photographer.

2. Sheri Easterling: A Talent Agency Signed

Earlier this year, the news that Addison Rae signed with the WME talent agency was published. But She wasn’t the only one who agreed with the family. Sheri and her husband also agreed with the agency. The agency will focus on growing each of the family member’s brand.

3. Sheri Easterling Pious

Faith seems to be a big part of Sheri Easterling’s life. Their children went to Calvary Baptist Academy, where they received a Christian-oriented education. She also had the chance to meet actor Kirk Cameron, known to be a devout Christian. However, Sheri does not discuss her religious beliefs on any of the social belief platforms.

4. Sheri Easterling is a sports lover

Sheri may seem like an elegant type who prefers to watch a Lifetime movie rather than a soccer game, but that’s exactly why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Sheri is a big sports fan who likes to participate in sports events with her family.

5.Sheri Easterling Almost 5 Million Followers on TikTok

At the age of 40, Sheri Easterling has more followers at TikTok than most people’s half-age. In a relatively short time, the mother of three children put about 5 million followers on the shelf. One of the reasons Sheri has been so successful at TikTok is that her videos are also visible to young audiences. TikTok is not the only platform it attracts a lot of attention. Currently there are 201,000 on Instagram.

6.Sheri Easterling Likes to travel

Sheri is a kind of person who loves a good adventure and enjoys traveling the world. She and her husband went on many trips and together they visited countries such as Aruba and Mexico. When Sheri visits a new place, she just doesn’t want to travel. She also likes to do activities such as walking and swimming.

7. Sheri Easterling In Condition

There is no doubt that Sheri looks good for her age, and this is largely because she has made her health one of her top priorities. Sheri loves to work and even competes in a Color Run with her daughter in 2016. These days Sheri probably burns a lot of calories by dancing at TikTok.

8. Sheri Easterling he’s a soccer mom

In addition to watching professional sports, Sheri also likes to watch her kids in their sports and other activities. Addison was in the dancer’s and cheerleader’s squad for most of his life. Sheri’s son Enzo plays football and Sheri catches as many games as possible.

9.Sheri Easterling’s a Democrat

Sheri’s platform is about having fun and laughing, so politics is not something she gets into. However, according to the voter registration in the state of Louisiana, She is a registered member of the democratic party.

10.Sheri Easterling’s an LSU Fan

If you live in a city or state with well-known professional or college teams, you know that being a fan is only part of the culture. As a native and current resident of Louisiana, it is true that Sheri is a fan of LSU Tigers. Sheri even bought a pair of LSU brand sneakers for her youngest son.