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Officer Shaun Lucas allegedly killed Price on Saturday. Later, on Sunday, October 4 morning, Wolfe City’s local government, issued a Facebook statement saying, “On October 3, 2020

Why Wolf city officer Shaun Lucas arrested, incident detail

Texas Rangers officials confirmed that Jonathan Price, a Black man, was shot dead by a Wolfe City police officer on Saturday night, October 3. He was later identified as Shaun Lucas, although the officer’s name was not disclosed before.

Death of Jonathan Price

Price’s family said that Price died after being shot three times by the officer. The incident occurred in Kwik Chek, a gas station grocery store located on 103 S. Santa Fe Street in downtown Wolfe City, at the intersection of Santa Fe Street and Franklin Street.

According to Terrence Wright, who describes himself as Price’s cousin, Price, 32, worked for the City of Wolfe Municipal Department. Price lived most of his life in Wolfe City and was well known locally, KLTV reported, according to several locals who gathered at Kwik Chek on Sunday, October 4th.

American civil rights lawyer Lee Merrit shared a post on Instagram where he said he would do “whatever it takes to get justice for JP”. Explaining Price, Merrit said, “His name was #JohnathanPrice. He was known as a hometown hero in Wolfe City, TX. Motivational speaker, coach, professional athlete, and community advocate – he was loved by many. Yesterday a man noticed one. He attacked the woman and intervened. When the police came, he raised his hands and tried to explain what was happening.

Police threw a stun gun at his and when his body was shaken by the electric current they “detected a threat” and shot his to death. In my biography there is a connection to support his family. I have agreed to do whatever is necessary to restore justice. ”

Who is Officer Shaun Lucas?

Officer Shaun Lucas allegedly killed Price on Saturday. Later, on Sunday morning, October 4, the Wolfe City local government said, “There was a police officer involved in the shooting in Wolfe City on October 3, 2020. The officer took administrative leave to be investigated in this matter. Texas Rangers. Further information to be released now. no. ”

As soon as the officer’s name was revealed, netizens started posting a picture of an officer and an Internet user posted the picture and showed a group that read “Back the Blue”, “Shaun Lucas” # the officer who killed JonathanPrice. He allegedly refused to take life-saving measures after repeatedly shooting the unarmed man. On paid leave. He saw that he was wearing a bracelet that read “Back the Blue” here. #JusticeForJonathan. ”

Investigation report

Texas Ranger, who investigated the case, said that Jonathan Price did not threaten the officer and walked away when he was shot.

Texas Ranger Lonny Haschel made the following statement about the arrest tonight:

“At approximately 20:24. On October 3, 2020, Wolfe City Police Officer Shaun Lucas responded to a disturbance call at 100 block of Santa Fe Street due to an ongoing fight. Officer Lucas was 31-year-old who was later reported to be involved in the confusion. He contacted a man identified as Jonathan Price. Officer Lucas attempted to detain Price, who resisted in a non-threatening stance and began to walk away.

Officer Lucas deployed his TASER and then unloaded the service gun that hit Price. The preliminary investigation shows that Officer Lucas’ actions were objectionably unreasonable. Texas Rangers charged Officer Lucas of Murder and separated him into Hunt County Prison. This investigation was conducted by Texas Rangers by the Wolfe City Police. Department and the Hunt County District Attorney’s Office. No additional information is released at this time. “