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Jerry Taft was an American meteorologist who served as chief meteorologist for WLS-TV in Chicago. He worked in that role for 42 years. Wikipedia
Died: July 23, 2020 Wikipedia
Born: March 14, 1943
Spouse: Shana Taft
Education: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jerry Taft, who worked as a meteorologist at ABC7 for 33 years, died on Thursday evening at the age of 77. The family told him that he fell asleep peacefully, surrounded by his loved ones. The US online portal ” chicago.suntimes.com ” reported on the death of the popular weather host.
Jerry Taft is dead: weather moderator dies at 77
Taft started his career at ABC7 in 1984. For over 33 years, the TV darling led through the current weather forecasts before retiring in 2018. Jerry Taft is survived by his wife Shana and four children Skylar, Storm, Dana and Jay. Mourning for the US weather experts is great. On the Internet, numerous colleagues, friends and fans paid tribute to him in touching social media posts.
After the death of meteorologist Jerry Taft: friends, colleagues and fans say goodbye
“I had the privilege of working with him for over 20 years,” wrote “FOX 32” meteorologist Mike Caplan in a Facebook post on Friday morning. “His infectious and frequent laugh was legendary. It captivated both his audience and his friends.”
Tracy Butler, meteorologist at ABC7, was also dismayed by Jerry Taft’s death: “With a very heavy heart, I inform you that our beloved Jerry Taft has died. Jerry was instrumental in my move to @ ABC7Chicago. I can hear this laugh. Wow … I can hear that laugh. Miss you, my buddy. My deepest sympathy for his family. ” In addition, the weather moderator published several photos, which she shows together with Jerry Taft.
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“I’m sorry to hear this news. He had a heart of gold. Our weather events were so much more fun with him. He loved to invite TV hosts from all the other channels so we could get to know each other. We swap a lot Stories and laughs, “recalls meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist of Jerry Taft.
According to the station, Jerry Taft, who worked as a meteorologist for 33 years in ABC 7 Chicago before retiring in January 2018, died on Thursday night. He was 77 years old.
Jerry survived by his wife, Shana, their children, Skylar and Storm, and their other children, Danna and Jay.
According to ABC 7 Chicago, while reflecting his career before retirement, Taft said he did not intend to be a television meteorologist and began to deal with meteorology from flying planes. He was a Captain in the Air Force when he took his local weather officer in San Antonio on a promotional flight to the army. Then he turned this weather table and put Taft in the air.
“They said we’re going to give you fourteen-fifty. I thought $ 1,450 a month, I bought new teams. It was a $ 14.50 show. I took my first control, it was $ 62.”
Jerry Taft was known for his sense of humor and his ability to laugh at mistakes.
Colleagues and other broadcast journalists in Chicago posted tribute on social media.
“I had the privilege to work for more than 20 years with him,” said FOX 32 meteorologist Mike Caplan in a Facebook post on Friday morning. “It was infectious laughter and frequent giggling legends and made him loved to his audience and friends.”
ABC 7 reporter Roz Varon said in a Facebook post that he would also remember his “infectious laughter”.
“This morning we are sharing special memories larger than this life personality with the biggest heart,” Varon wrote in an article.