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Michigan State Police said a man with a Large Protrusion was shot and killed after stabbing an old man outside the Quality Milk store after refusing to serve because he was not wearing a mask.

43-year-old Sean Ernest Ruis, entered QD on Tuesday at 6:45 am Lansing Road and North Canal Road. Said Brian Oleksyk. Tuesday, Gov. It was the second day of Gretchen Whitmer’s order to wear a mask within businesses.

Oleksyk said that the 77-year-old customer wore a mask and Ruis did not.

Sean Ruis Age:

Sean Ruis was 43-years-old

Both men left the shop and argued in the parking lot. Oleksyk stabbed Ruis the other man, then fled the area. The 77-year-old boy from Lansing is in good shape. Its name was not disclosed.

Suspect Sean Ruis Shot to death

An Eaton County lawmaker found Ruis’s car in a neighborhood at Jerryson Drive in Delta Town at 7:13 am. When a parliamentary stop of traffic stopped, Ruis got out of his car and approached his deputy with a knife, Oleksyk said.

Oleksyk said the deputy had withdrawn, ordered Ruis to drop the knife, and hit him when he approached again. Oleksyk said Ruis died in surgery at the Lansing district hospital.

Oleksyk said the unidentified lawmaker is a 22-year veteran with the sheriff’s office.

Spokesperson Aaron Jenkins said that Ruis works at the Michigan Department of Transportation. The MDOT site lists it as a transport technician in hot mix asphalt lab services.

where the stabbing occurred?

An employee at the store where the stabbing occurred was directed to QD’s corporate office. Company officials did not immediately respond to a phone message left by the State Magazine on Tuesday afternoon.

Ryan Birchfield, who lives in the neighborhood, said he asked whether Eaton County lawmakers had seen Ruis, whom he said was his neighbor before the shoot. Birchfield told the police that he had not seen the man.

Birchfield later said that Ruis’s car was turning around the corner, accelerating and driving on the road. A deputy followed him. Then he said he heard the shout – something that looked like a demand to drop a gun – and then a gunshot.

He said he did not know Ruis, but that he had been living in the area with his partner for about a year. He said that they were silent and that they were hiding themselves.

Meegan Holland, vice president of communications and marketing at Michigan Retailers Association, said that Whitmer’s mask order was not a win for retailers. If retailers have to do this – they have to, by Whitmer’s order – there will be angry customers. If they do not, they may endanger their business and other customers.

“It is a really difficult position for retailers to be in, because whatever they do, they will annoy someone,” he said.

Holland said retail employees have been abused by customers who do not want to wear masks even before mandatory masks in indoor businesses. The security guard at a Flint Family Dollar store was shot and killed in May allegedly wearing a mask.

The state police had more than 11,000 Jerryson Drive blocks on Tuesday, September 11. Eaton County lawmakers, MSP officials, and a forensic lab are at the scene.

Jerryson Drive, St. It is located north of Joseph Highway and west of Nixon Road.

Sean Ruis Investigation

Michigan State Police is investigating this incident. Oleksyk said that the deputy did not know the situation. Jerri Nesbitt, a spokesman for the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office, asked questions about the deputy’s situation to Oleksyk.

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