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Sean Bett is the bodyguard of Johnny Depp has claimed he heard screams from the actor’s apartment on the night of Amber Heard’s 30th birthday party.

What Johnny Depp’s bodyguard sean Bett Claims?

Johnny Depp’s bodyguard Sean Bett claimed that he heard screams from the actor’s home on the 30th birthday night of Amber Heard. He also claimed that he saw Heard throw the bottle in a separate order to the player.

About Sean Bett Facts You Must need to Know

  • Depp is suing Sun’s publisher over article which alleged he was violent towards ex-wife Amber Heard, 34Β 
  • Security guard Sean Bett says he took three pictures on his mobile phone of the actor in December 2015
  • Mr Bett tells High Court in London today: ‘Depp told me that Heard had slapped him in the face a few times’
  • Witnesses also include Starling Jenkins and Alejandro Romero who worked at LA building where couple lived

Johnny Depp Photograph with his swollen black eye

Photos of Johnny Depp with his swollen black eye were shown during the slander case, as he explained in detail the “recurring abuse cycle” that a former security guard said was implemented by the star’s ex-wife Amber Heard.
57-year-old β€œWhat Does Gilbert Grape Eat?” His star was shown with a bulging left eye, with a big red sign on his cheek, which Depp said was punched by the “sociopathic” Heard.
However, the photo proved controversial despite confusion about when it was actually taken.
It was sent by Depp’s ex-security officer Sean Bett.
But in court, Bett admitted that the timestamp was more than a year – March 2015 – and may not have been taken by him.

Lawyers for The Sun – The Depp newspaper sued him for an article that called it “wife beater” – jumped to inequality, accusing Bett’s misrepresentation of the court to support Depp’s alleged injuries.
He admitted that it was a “pretty serious mistake”, but insisted that Depp got his wounds after the 30th birthday explosion that ended with the poop in Depp’s bed.
β€œI took other injury photos I sent to lawyers,” said Bett.

In a witness statement submitted to the court, Bett said on April 21, 2016 that Heard’s 30th birthday night went to the couple’s home in Los Angeles.

Johnny Depp’s bodyguard, Sean Bett, claimed that he heard creepy screams from the actor’s home at Amber Heard’s 30th birthday party.

Player 57 returned to the London Supreme Court today, as the slander case against News Group Newspapers continued.

The actor sues NGN to a story published in The Sun in 2018 and calls him “wife beater” – he claims to have heavily rejected.

Depp’s ex-partner Vanessa Paradis would be on the witness stand today, but his statement was canceled with his ex-girlfriend Winona Ryder.

Instead, Depp’s former bodyguard, Bett, stopped.
In a witness statement submitted to the court, Bett said on April 21, 2016 that Heard’s 30th birthday night went to the couple’s home in Los Angeles.

He said that Depp was “sober, clear” and the actor “expressed concern about how Ms. Heard could act”.
He said: “He didn’t call me or Mr. Hakim, the security guard, and the only reason we got into Penthouse 3 was because we heard these screams.

“When we entered, we saw that Mr. Depp was about 20 meters away from Mrs. Heard standing next to the sofa.
“As soon as Heard noticed that we entered the room, he was very surprised; his attitude changed and he pointed at Mr. Depp and screamed at us with the influence of the following statements: ‘If he hits me once again, he is looking for the Police.’

Bett claimed that he had never seen Depp suffering violence against his wife – but claimed that he saw Heard throw a bottle in a separate order.

He said: “I’ve never seen that Mr. Depp has been violent to everyone, including Mrs. Heard, for a long time I worked for him.
“In addition, I observed that Mrs. Heard was verbally swearing at Mr. Depp throwing bottles, glasses and other objects.


“As a rule, during these episodes, Mr. Depp remains quite passive and tries to either calm Heard or get himself out of the situation.”

Depp previously claimed that Heard lost his fingertip after throwing a bottle of vodka in a row in Australia.
The actress claimed that her husband at that time was hitting a wall against the wall when leaving the room, causing injury.

Yesterday the court Depp heard how Heard heard the “scum” brand and said “disgust” for touching it.
Text messages that Heard shared with his former personal assistant, Kate James, were read in court, and Depp said they would “fix” the actress’s “loose ass” together.

The court also heard how Depp wanted to do a DNA test on the poop in his bed to determine who he belonged to.
Yildiz said that the marriage of the incident has come to an end and she believed that Heard or one of her friends did this, but it was one of the Yorkshire terrier dogs.