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according to Police 23-year-old Samuel Young of Wheat Ridge is the man who pulled out a gun and fired at the Jeep.

Samuel Young Age

Samuel Young is 23-year-old

The somehow Jeep took barricades on Saturday and climbed to Interstate 225 in Aurora. Hundreds of protesters were closing the road just in front of us.

Police say now that 23-year-old Wheat Ridge man Samuel Young is the man who pulls a gun and shoots the Jeep.
Aurora’s Vice President Harry Glidden said: “It was the most reckless thing I have seen in a long time.”
Two protesters were injured during the shooting; one on his leg, the other near the temple. The police posted pictures of the suspect and the public responded.

What a woman says about Samuel Young in her Instagram story?

A woman told CBS4, “I saw a post on Instagram and the article contained an image of someone with a CU (University of Colorado) shirt and said justice for Elijah McClain, and I got to know him from the first class. ”
He says that Young works in a dorm at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

“I really support the Black Lives Matter movement, so it was really sad,” said the woman.

CBS4 clearly saw Young in the crowd, carrying protesters a gun. A witness told the police that he had an “old school wild west gun”. The witness later added that the person who shot was “in shock state” and “terrified of what he did”.
Some protesters claim that they saved lives with their actions. The police disagree.

“The height at which someone does not know how to deal with the firearm. That’s not where you can pull the gun and shoot at random, ”said Glidden.

Samuel Young and Lawyer

CBS4 learned that Jeep’s driver had hired a lawyer. The lawyer said that CBS4 told Rick Sallinger that his client “cannot be more than the truth” as a result of the incident, including “white real supremacist and terrorist”.
The vehicle did not come in contact with anyone. Young is temporarily charged with four murder attempts.
The police continue to investigate.

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