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Ryan Whitaker of Arizona was shot and killed by Phoenix police after a neighbor called in a noise complaint. Bodycam footage showed that he appeared to be kneeling to put down his gun just before he was shot multiple times. Now his family is looking for answers.

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Ryan Whitaker Shot dead

Whitaker, 40, in Ahwatukee, Arizona, was shot and killed on May 21, AZ Central reported. Earlier that week, he was holding his 9mm pistol in his right hand when he knocked on his door late at night, as he had heard a similar knock late at night.

Below you can see both edited bodycam videos shared by Phoenix Police after the introduction of the police. WARNING: This shot may be uncomfortable. If you want to start the video when bodycam capture begins, go to 4:20 in the video. These images were released on July 15th.

After Whitaker opened the door, officer Jeff Cooke shot him from behind at least twice, AZ Central reported. Officer John Ferragamo was with him but did not shoot. The officers were standing on either side of the door, AZ Central reported, and although they announced themselves when they knocked, they could not be seen through a peephole.
AZ Central has released a longer video of their bodycam shots, which you can watch below. According to AZ Central, the incident involves a conversation with Whitaker’s girlfriend, Brandee Nees.

Ryan Whitaker Incident Detail

According to AZ Central, when Whitaker opened the door, he held his gun in his hand and a bright light flashed in his eyes immediately.

An officer said “hands!” Yell. and video body cam videos show Whitaker crouching on his knees and falling to the ground just before he was shot.

Family attorney Matthew Cunningham told AZ Central that it could be seen that Whitaker began laying down his gun just before he was shot. When Nees asked why he was shot, Cooke said, “He pulled a gun at us, ma’am.”

AZ Central reported that Whitaker’s gun never fired. The Phoenix Police Department said that Cooke fired his gun because he believed his life was in danger, ABC 15 reported. The video shows Whitaker quickly adapts to commands. The Phoenix Police’s official press release on May 22 said that Whitaker was “moving towards an armed police officer”.

Ryan Whitaker and bodycam footage

A body camera video revealed police responded to a noise complaint from an upstairs neighbor, AZ Central reported. The caller said people were screaming, and then it turned into a fight on a second call. Police said they responded to an urgent domestic violence call after he was shot.

Cunningham told AZ Central that the police knew the search was exaggerated because the caller told 911: “It may be physical. If anyone is in a hurry, I can say yes. Get someone here faster. ”

According to AZ Central, Ferragamo made a statement about the “useful” information the caller had given before knocking on the door and admitted that the caller said “yes” to everything so that the police could reach it faster. When they arrived there was no sound of fighting on the other side of the door.

In the unedited bodycam video, Nees said they did salsa with Whitaker and played Crash Bandicoot on the Playstation and shouted over the game.

What Ryan Whitaker family saying about him ?

During a press conference, Whitaker’s brother Steven Whitaker said of the body camera footage: “Look at my brother’s face… he immediately takes defensive position – very obedient – and wants to give up and lay down his weapon… He’s not a threat. It’s not a threat at all… If it poses a threat to you as a police officer, you should hand over your gun and your badge and walk away [because] you are not eligible to be a police in this state – at all. ”

Whitaker’s sister, Katie Baeza, said at the press conference: “Jeff Cooke was my brother’s judge, jury, and executioner.”

Baeza shares what has happened to his brother since he was shot on Facebook. He recently shared that a new page called Justice for Ryan Whitaker was put together by the family.