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Missing Missouri Father: Ryan Linneman Wiki, Bio, Age, Video, Crash kmbc & More Facts

Missing Missouri Father: Ryan Linneman Wiki, Bio, Age, Video, Crash kmbc & More Facts

Ryan Linneman

Ryan Linneman wiki

Ryan Linneman is a man from  Missouri  Jefferson City United states Ryan Linneman survived a week at the bottom of a ravine after his car went off the road has died, police said Sunday.

Ryan Linneman Death Cause

Ryan Linneman died on Oct. 19 as a result of injuries sustained in the incident, according to Sgt. Chris Depue, a spokesman for the Lee’s Summit Police Department. Linneman was taken to the hospital in critical condition with multiple fractures and severe frostbite, Depue said at the time.

Ryan Linneman Age

Ryan Linneman was 37 years old at the time of death.

Ryan Linneman Missing

Linneman was found a week after his family reported him missing on October 10. His Honda Model 2004 Accord had gone off a road near Kansas City, police told CNN at the time, and came to rest at the bottom of a 50-foot ravine, where he was discovered by a motorbike riding off-trail.

Ryan Linneman Crash incident

On October 16, more than a week after his crash, Linneman was discovered in his wrecked vehicle by a man who was riding a dirt bike in the area. Linneman’s car wasn’t visible by passing motorists on the nearby highway.

KCTV5 says that Linneman’s car “went down a hill on I-470, went through the grass, went up on a dirt mound, and then continued into a deep ravine.”

Police are still attempting to piece together a definitive timeline of his crash, which no one has come forward as a witness to.

Sergeant Bill Mahoney said that the man who discovered Linneman’s car “thought it was an abandoned car.”

“It was down under some pretty heavy brush and, when he checked it, he found the individual and his first thought was that he was dead is what he told us.”

Ryan Linneman Rescued after death

Rescue services transported Linneman from the scene to a local hospital where he is unconscious and in critical condition. He not yet able to speak to tell his version of what happened. “We think he was injured by the crash, and he couldn’t get out of the car, couldn’t really help himself,” Mahoney said. “Had that dirt biker not come upon him, I don’t see how anyone would have found him.”

Ryan Linneman Incident Video

Ryan Linneman Friend & Family

Friends and family were concerned about his well-being. Investigators said there wasn’t a trace of him anywhere and there weren’t any “digital breadcrumbs.” No cell phone or debit/credit card activity. The license plate readers didn’t pick up his car. Depue said the family is requesting privacy as they grieve the loss of a loved one.

Ryan Linneman

Ryan Linneman Had 3 children

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