New Orleans Man: Who is Rutledge Deas Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

Rutledge Deas Wiki

Rutledge Deas is a Twenty-nine-year-old Man from New Orleans City, who also goes by “Rory,” created multiple social media posts for home health care workers. Rutledge Deas has been arrested for pretending to be handicapped in order to have home health care workers change his adult diaper.

Rutledge Deas

Rutledge Deas Age is 29 years

Rutledge Deas crime

Rutledge Deas was a social media advertiser, Deas would specify in the ads that the services would be for his 18-year-old mentally and physically handicapped brother, “Cory.”

Deas would then pose as “Cory” and pretend to be handicapped while the nurses changed his adult diaper, a process Deas used to “obtain sexual arousal,” according to the Louisiana State Police.

Rutledge Deas Court Records

According to court records, Deas — whose nickname is “Rory” — used the UrbanSitter app to hire a local college student to care for a nonexistent, 18-year-old brother named “Cory.”

Deas told the 20-year-old woman that Cory needed someone to handle him with “tough toddler gloves.” Additionally, Deas, posing as Cory, sent text messages telling the woman he would require potty training, the changing of his “diapee” and a child’s booster car seat, among other things.

The woman babysat the man she thought was Cory at least 10 times, during which she changed his soiled diapers, court records said. He would become visibly aroused and suck on a baby’s pacifier during the changes, according to the documents.

Rutledge Deas Arrested

Deas was arrested at his home without incident and charged with 10 counts of sexual battery and human trafficking (labor), and one count of possession of a schedule II controlled dangerous substance.

Rutledge Deas Investigations

The investigation remains ongoing, and additional victims are anticipated. Anyone suspected of being a victim of Deas is urged to contact LSP Detectives at (504)

A New Orleans man who told investigators he enjoyed being treated as an infant pretended to have mental and physical disabilities in order to obtain a babysitter who unwittingly changed his diaper on several occasions over the course of more than a year

Rutledge Deas Bail

Orleans Parish Magistrate Judge Harry Cantrell set Rutledge Deas’ bail at more than $1.5 million on Thursday after hearing from a prosecutor who said he was shocked by the allegations in the arrest warrant.