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Ruochen Liao Wiki – Ruochen Liao Biography

Ruochen Liao is the Chinese luxury car dealer went missing after a US$2 million ransom demand, and his body was later found in California’s Mojave Desert

  • The Chinese luxury car dealer went missing after a US$2 million ransom demand, and his body was later found in California’s Mojave Desert
  • Two Chinese nationals were accused last year of orchestrating the abduction, and the two men charged on Wednesday are believed to have assisted them

Federal officials on Wednesday accused the two of helping to kidnap the Southern California auto dealer, who was held for a $ 2 million ransom, beaten, killed and buried in the Mojave desert.

Anthony Valladares, 28, and Alexis Ivan Romero, 24, were arrested on Tuesday and charged with kidnapping in the federal court. A lawyer for Valladares refused to comment, and a lawyer representing Velez did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

When Rouchen Liao Was was kidnapped?

On the evening of July 16, 2018, a friend of mine, Ruochen, a Chinese country selling high-end cars in Southern California, said that he believed he would quit “Tony” Liao and help him at the San Gabriel Square shopping square on Valley Boulevard to collect a loan, a FBI agent made a statement. Wrote. Her friend watched Liao, 28, climbed into a dark van and walked away. He’d last seen – or someone else – Liao.

In court documents, prosecutors and agents claimed that the two Chinese citizens held the kidnapping of Liao, using Guangyao Yang and Peicheng Shen as the “muscle” of Valladares and the driver of Romero.

Rouchen Liao Kidnapper arrested

Yang, 26, and Shen, 34, have been charged in Los Angeles with kidnapping and extortion. Both men are currently in custody of China. Shen was arrested in January 2019 and started talking to Chinese officials. FBI Special Representative Alejandra Sanchez announced his account in a statement filed with the federal court.

Shen told the authorities that he and Yang hired Valladares, who worked at a UFC gym in Rosemead, and they both gave him promising cash and marijuana because he often helped kidnap Liao.

Shen asked if Valladares would harm anyone. He said no to Valladares. The two bought a Taser from a weapon shop, and Valladares bought an old pistol and six rounds.

“If there were problems with the kidnapping attempt, they would blame everything in Valladares,” said Shen.

The Day When Ruochen Liao was kidnapped

On the kidnapping day, Shen, Valladares and Romero went to San Gabriel Square shopping square and parked outside the 99 Ranch Market. Yang said he was sitting in the nearby Range Rover.

Sheno entered the van and Valladares grabbed him by the neck, shocked with Taser and wrapped a black packing tape in his eyes and mouth, Shen told the Chinese authorities.

Shen and Yang took Liao to a house in Corona, where they hid her in a closet and shocked with Taser until the battery ran out.

The next day, Liao’s father took two photos in the WeChat messaging app. Sanchez’s statement was that his sons’ legs were tied, his hands tied from behind, his eyes covered with tape. He had a meeting five minutes later.

“Save me, help me, I’m kidnapped,” said Liao, according to my statement. Then, “Your son made me very poor. Because of him I lost everything and I had a divorce. I’ve been looking for Tony for a long time. ”

Ruochen Liao Ransom demanded by his kidnappers from his father

The man asked him to pay 2 million dollars to save his son’s life. Liao’s father was sent wiring instructions and “Three hours” for various bank accounts in China.

For unexplained reasons in the statement, Liao’s family did not pay the ransom.
Affidavit said Shen was kicking Liao and sealing her mouth with tape after the ransom call. He and Yang noticed at some point that Liao had stopped breathing.

What Official Say about the incident?

The official said that Shen and Yang’s body had been dropped into the desert. He said that after taking $ 500 from the dead man’s wallet, they buried him there.

In a statement to the FBI from the contractor, Shen asked a contractor to “do a hasty job” and replace the carpet in a cabinet in a house in Corona.

Yang traveled from the USA to China and was arrested by the Chengdu Public Security Bureau, FBI Special Representative Cara Sammartino wrote in a statement. Chinese investigators called his phone and read the WeChat messages sent to Shen, among others, with “tape with eyes and mouth”, “Does he scream without interruption?” and “I’m kicking him.”

On July 18, the declaration, Yang searched the Internet: “The time frame for a corpse to break down in the ground.”
According to the law office in Los Angeles, the USA, FBI agents found ruins in the Mojave Desert and described them as Liaos in July 2019.

On Tuesday, after the agents submitted a search warrant at Pasadena’s home, Valladares admitted that she was participating in the kidnapping of Liao. He thought he would help agents collect debts from Liao, but he didn’t want Liao to be killed and didn’t help bury the body.

Affidavit said Romero was also voluntarily meeting with agents on Tuesday. Romero told them that Valladares offered him $ 600 to do an “unexplained job”. ‘He needed cash and didn’t ask specific questions,’ Romero said.