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Rosemary Maione

Rosemary Maione Wiki – Rosemary Maione Biography

Rosemary Maione is a long term Carer accused of leaving a disabled woman in the same chair for a YEAR until she began to rot in her own filth in a ‘disgusting and degrading’ death.

  • Long term carer Rosemary Maione was arrested and charged with manslaughter
  • Ann Marie Smith died after a year of neglect, she was left to rot in a wicker chair
  • She had cerebral palsy and Maione was her only regular contact, police say

Rosemary Maione Arrested and charged

Rosemary Maione is a Carer who was arrested and charged with manslaughter following the tragic death of a neglected woman with a disability a year before her death.

Ann Marie Smith, who has cerebral palsy, died on 6 April at the Adelaide Royal Hospital due to septic shock, multiple organ failure, severe pressure sores, and malnutrition.

On Thursday, 69-year-old Rosemary Maione was arrested at Hectorville’s home and charged with murder.

Ms. Smith Personal Life and living style

Ms. Smith, 54, lived alone at her home in Adelaide and relied on Carers under the National Disability Insurance Program to take care of her.

Rosemary Maione working with Mrs smith

It has been reported that Maione had been working as Mrs. Smith’s main caretaker for seven years.
The advertiser allegedly did not obtain a disability employment permit required under South Australian legislation.
Under the National Disability Insurance Program, she was paid to feed, wash and care for Ms. Smith six hours a day, seven days a week.

Smith claimed that the year was destroyed in her living room by dying in her living room, in terrible living conditions.

The chair she sat on and the carpet beneath him was wetted with urine and feces. When the carpet was finally removed, even the concrete slab under it was stained.

The police claim that Maione is the only regular visitor of Ms. Smith, but in publishing, although it was not a professional and professional experience, his son and wife could also help her care.

On April 5, Maione called an ambulance to Mrs. Smith’s Kensington Park after finding it in a semi-conscious state.


The 54-year-old underwent major surgery, but later received palliative care and died the next day.
After her death, the police launched an investigation into her negligence and uncovered a devastating truth for Mrs. Smith.

At the time of her death, Mrs. Smith claimed that there was no nutritional value in her home – and some of the food found in the house had expiration dates back to 2014. There was no refrigerator in the house.

A carrier did not have the equipment needed to clean him or change her clothes, to help him move or lift him.
The police claim that neither is done often.

Dental hygiene was allegedly deficient at the time of death, and a barely used toothpaste tube in its dusty bath had an expiration date in 2017.

The detectives also believe that she did not receive any medical care in the years before her death.
The Great Crime detectives also began financial inspections to assess how Ms. Smith was spending her money and found some irregularities.

Mrs. Smith was inherited by her parents who passed away in 2009.

Police alleged that in the past six years it had received two loans from small lending companies, which were taken for travel purposes and to buy a new car, totaling $ 70,000.

Major Crime investigation officer Detective Senior Sergeant Phil

However, the funds were not used for any of these purposes.Neagle said it was ‘most likely’ that ‘Smith’ would take out loans without help from another person because of her physical injury.

‘It was important loans. We know she didn’t travel or buy a new car after she was removed, but the money is now gone. ”

The police believe that the amount of money from an inheritance is disproportionate to Mrs. Smith’s lifestyle.
“ A large amount of money. This line of investigation is still in its infancy, but in recent years it seems that excessive amounts of money have been withdrawn, ‘said Senior Sergeant Neagle.

“Ann may have spent some of the money herself, but now we are trying to figure out how much and, if any, illegally removed from her account and where she went.”

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