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Rodneka Dabney is among Three women who have been arrested in connection with the assault on a teenage hostess at a Baton Rouge Chili’s on Sunday, August 9.

Rodneka Dabney Incidend detail

Three women are in prison and facing charges after the viral video catches an alleged attack on a hostess in Chili’s.

According to the Baton Rouge Police Department, a large group of women came to Chili’s on August 9 and asked to have dinner at the same table. Kelsy Wallace, a 17-year-old stewardess at the restaurant, told the group that only six people were allowed to sit at the table at a time due to social distancing requirements.
Police said Wallace was later physically assaulted by multiple women. The incident was filmed and spread widely.

Rodneka Dabney among with two women arrested for Kelsy Wallace Injuries

Wallace was treated at a local hospital for his injuries.

According to the BRPD, Tammy Dabney, 48, Erica Dabney, 46, and Rodneka Dabney, 27, were arrested.
Tammy is facing aggravated secondary battery charges. The other two women are faced with disruption and simple battery.

Why Baton Rouge Police arrested Rodneka Dabney and other two women

Baton Rouge Police arrested three people in connection with an attack on a young restaurant hostess who refused to seat them due to social distancing requirements.

Detectives in the Baton Rouge Police Department detained 48-year-old Tammy Dabney, 27-year-old Rodneka Dabney, and 46-year-old Erica Dabney on Thursday.

Police announced that the attack on the youth took place in Chili’s Bar & Grill on Constitution Street on Sunday, August 9.

Police statement

Police said the three women were part of a large group that wanted to eat at the same table. A young stewardess, 17, Kelsy Wallace explained that due to the necessity of social distancing, the business allows only six people to go to a table.
“Later, the employee was physically assaulted by multiple women in the group. The employee was treated at a local hospital for his injuries,” police said.

Wallace described what happened to WBRZ’s Trey Couvillion: “He pushed me. When he pushed me, all I knew was to push him back. I reacted. He and his daughters came back then. And they grew up. I am 17 years old. 20, 30.” and the woman who pushed me looked like she was 40 years old. So I’m standing there, on me, they’re beating me. I’m standing there and trying to hit them, I’m trying to pull them all off me. And the woman grabbed the wet floor sign and caught my eye.

Wallace said that he was not only ashamed of the attack, one of his eyes was injured, and there was a large bald spot on the back of his head, from which one of the attackers had torn his hair.

Detectives said Tammy Dabney was arrested on an aggravated second-degree battery charge, Rodneka Dabney was arrested for disturbance and simple battery, and Erica Dabney was arrested on peace-breaking and simple battery charges. Tammy and Erika Dabney have been imprisoned and a criminal complaint was made against Rodneka Dabney.

Rodneka Dabney and two other were released as of Friday evening.

Police said anonymous reports made through Crime Stoppers helped detectives identify and arrest suspects. Investigations about the incident continue.

Wallace’s family started a GoFundMe for him because they said they were afraid of returning to work. They hope it will help cover some of the expenses related to their senior activities and university spending.