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Robert Unanue is the The CEO of Goya Foods is not apologizing for supporting President Trump in a move that’s sparked outrage among politicians and thought leaders calling for Americans to boycott its products.Wikipedia

Robert Unanue, the head of the New Jersey-based company that claims to be the largest Hispanic-owned food label in the country, told FOX Business Friday the boycott is “a reflection of a division that exists today in our country” that is “killing our nation.”Wikipedia


“We choose to love and build, and that’s what we do to seek prosperity,” said Unanue in “Varney & Company,” where FOX Business Network continues to defend Trump.

“We are with the president. We are in this country – right, left, middle, up and down, “said Unanue.

Unanue was invited to speak at the White House on Thursday for Trump’s Spanish Welfare Initiative, an executive order to support educational and economic opportunities for Spanish Americans. During the event, Unanue briefly touched on the history of the company, founded by Unanue’s grandfather who migrated from Spain to the USA in 1936. Wikipedia

Unanue said that Trump is about the company’s story of foundation. “My grandfather did this, came to this country to build, grow and grow. So we have an incredible builder and pray for our leadership, our president, and our country where we will continue to grow and grow.” Unanue, the American who aims to help those affected by Goya’s coronavirus pandemic. He said that 1 million boxes of Goya chickpeas and 1 million New Jersey-based companies will donate other food products to food banks.

However, Unanue’s support for Trump instantly initiated discussions; social media users urged consumers to boycott the #BoycottGoya and #Goyaway trend with hashtags on Twitter.

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Others voiced comments of humiliating campaign in 2015 suggesting that the president was the criminal and rapist of Mexican immigrants.

Stars like AOC and “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda suggested that people start making their own recipes for spices instead of relying on Goya products.

“Oh look, this is my voice. Googling ‘how to make your own Adobo,” AOC said, following the description with a recipe.

Wikipedia United We Dream, a migrant youth-oriented organization, has created a petition saying that people will not support the “White Supremacist regime that approves and fits them” to stop buying goods from Goya.

“We know Trump hasn’t stopped attacks against immigrants, Latin people, Black people, and all color people since day one. We must show Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue that we can’t stand for it! We must respect and fight humanity!”

Unanue said the comeback was “suppression of speech” in a separate interview with “Fox & Friends” in early Friday, which was invited to the White House by the Obama Administration, previously hosted in the Spanish Heritage Month.

Wikipedia “So you are allowed to speak well or to praise a president, but not to help economic and educational well-being? And you make a positive comment and suddenly this is unacceptable. “Said.