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Robert Schnepf Wiki – Robert Schnepf Biography

Robert Schnepf was accused of cashing in on the look of authority — and the good will toward EMS members who were on the frontline during the coronavirus pandemic

Robert Schnepf was accused of making money in good faith against EMS members who were on the front line during the appearance of authority and during the coronavirus pandemic, as it was claimed to withdraw money from unsuspecting victims.

What officials say about Robert Schnepf?

The officials said that 45-year-old Schnepf wore a light blue shirt with the FDNY patch and said, “Lieutenant. Hart claims that when they approach their victims, they often violate certain city laws.

He later said he would ask for money to look at another way or correct the imaginary situation.
The Queens man is also accused of gassing his car and buying items at various Staten Island gas stations and stores, and it is claimed that the workers leave his wallet at his station and return immediately.

Officials said that, based on the uniform and fake badge allegedly flashing, he would allow many workers to leave after the false word.

Fire marches “Lt. “After seeing the authorities behave suspect in Queens Park,” said Hart. After further research, Staten Island has been alleged to defraud their business for months.

Why Robert Schnepf was arrested by police?

Police arrested Schnepf on Friday, accusing him of a little theft, impersonation of a public official and having a false tool. The attitude at the Richmond County Criminal Court was pending.

Why was Schnepf arrested in 2010?

In 2010, Schnepf was arrested in Southampton Village on Long Island, as he was a 10-year Special Forces veteran for food, accommodation and business in the region. Also Fla, St. He was accused of stealing at Lucie.

Schnepf’s methods also include Dover, N.J. He was highlighted in the “Help Me Howard” case of a PIX 11 News, where one of his residents claimed to have paid Schnepf $ 34,000 to renovate his home, but he received nothing but a mess.

In a “Help Me Howard” segment, reporter Howard Thompson interviewed Schnepf’s ex-fiancée, who claimed to be connected to a mafia family during their relationship, a movie with veterans, a motorcycle racer and stunt, and Jessica Alba. None of this was true.

FDNY Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said that Schnepf’s actions were “total abuse of public trust”.
“Members of this Chapter are proud to represent an agency that people can trust when they need it,” said Nigro. “We and our partners in the prosecutor’s office and law enforcement agencies cannot tolerate any situation where someone is wrongly representing themselves for personal gain in society.”

Anyone who thinks they have been defrauded is encouraged to reach the Fire Investigation Bureau at (718) 722-3600.