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Rei Ami Wiki – Biography – Early Life

Place of birth South Korea, Seoul. Its nationality is Korean and American. She was born in a Christian house, where her parents strictly followed all the rules and rituals. REI AMI gave birth to 21 in 1999 by 2020.

The rising star moved to the United States at the age of six with his family. We try to find his father, mother and siblings on the Internet, but it seems to keep his personal life private.

Rei Ami in 2020

However, we will update the dreshare.com readers very soon in the coming days. He became a huge star after the release of his third song. Ami studied at one of the private schools in the United States. He is now interested in singing and acting.

REI is fond of singing from childhood. This was her dream and passion for being a singer. He always explores how to become a good singer. In his spare time, the artist likes to listen to songs.

He also started his music education by learning to play piano and guitar. He once shared his childhood memories, then said that he was not allowed to listen to music other than Christian hymns.

One day he was listening to the “birthday sex” song, this song was sung by Jeremih, and suddenly his father came there and said he would go to hell if you make that kind of dirty music.

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Quarantine makes me lose my mind. Here’s a baby shark cover but sad. Defeated by Zeeky Beats

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Music career

He wrote his first song at the age of 19. He worked for strange jobs before marking his name in the music industry. His colleagues did not know anything about his second career.

His song Snow Corn received 2 Million when it aired on YouTube. In addition, the success of his third song, “The Dictator,” determined him in the list of successful singers. In this song, sad and happy emotions are expressed correctly. His favorite song because of his aggressiveness.

REI AMI became famous after releasing Dictator song (Dreshare.com)

On his YouTube channel, he hosted an IG creature to raise money for NAACP. He also raised his voice against social injustice in black. He even mentioned that he wanted to work with Rihanna once.

He worked on the “Do mine” project. At that time, REI AMI went to Rizk’s studio to drink alcohol and was shot for videos the same night. In 2020, he wants to release his first EP, but due to COVID19. You have to postpone.

Lesser Known Facts About Rei Ami

It belongs to an Asian ethnic group. According to sources, parents taught their instruments such as guitars and pianos to perform in church services. From an early age, Britney Spears fascinated Luther Vandross. likes to send photos with dogs. In addition, REI AMI said in one of her interviews that she had to deal with depression due to the religious ritual in her home, but the upcoming star in her later life motivated her to sing and write. he sees music as a therapy that keeps him free from any tension and anxiety.

His favorite Pokeman character is “Pikachu”. Coconut rice bear is his favorite beverage. She believes in a serious relationship on the culture of tying. On her birthday,would be a national anthem if it were a country. Her vocal skills were slow. dichotomy as well as in music. When he suffers from depression, he expresses every emotion beautifully, then he would visit the therapist and psychiatrist without telling his parents. In school function, he danced at Pikachu dance.


Her process of songwriting, firstly she picks random beats then write and record, after this, she sends this to her producer and vocalist.She loves to watch Sailor Moon from her childhood.In 2015, the singer shot her first project at that time she was in school and she had to live away from her boyfriend.She likes animation in her videos.REI AMI stands a decent height of 5 feet 5 inches tall (165 centimeters tall) and weighs around 54 kg.She is a selfie lover. Many selfies can be seen on her Instagram account.She often puts a photo of a cartoon on her Instagram that depicts different emotions.The social media personality gave her first live interview with Travis Mills.AMI posted one picture when she was doing her shopping for groceries.She also posted her picture while she was performing her live performance in church.The musical artist often experiments with her hair.