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Raymond Aabou has been regularly on the set of Touche not at my post!, Where he does not hesitate to give his opinion, which is often very clear-cut! A temperament that we discovered on the plateau of fire Do not touch my sport! , where this frank guy of the collar, natural, bitten of football defended at all costs a Benzema sifted by the critics or a Francesca Antoniotti manhandled by Dominique Grimault . A lunar Pierrot descended from no one knows where on the TV planet.

Raymond Aabou Early life and age

It was in Colombes that Cyril Aabou was born in 1977. Cyril? ” It’s my real name, ” he explains. Raymond, the second. ” Dad is a delivery driver, mom secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture. ” I’m a city boy and my life revolved around soccer. Only.” As proof, as soon as the breakfast was swallowed, he went to school balloon. He played there all day with friends.
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And it was pretty good, the Raymond! ” I had great abilities. ” He chained up small clubs, including that of Gennevilliers (92). At 17 – ” It’s a bit late, I know!” -, pushed by the others, he passed the PSG detection tests. And, to his surprise, was kept!
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He has the Camp des Loges (training center for the Paris team, in Saint-Germain-en-Laye) and the club’s reserve teams. Raymond evolved there alongside Nicolas Anelka . And rubbed shoulders with the great George Weah , star of the first team at the time. ” A great guy who took us from the Camp des Loges to the nearest RER, we kids, in his car and who offered the restaurant trays of his comrades from PSG to local homeless people. ”
” I started working as a forklift truck driver at the age of 16. And combining the two: work and football, it was hot! ” Stop working to devote yourself to football? ” Not possible at the time. My parents thought so much that I was a thug, a good-for-nothing that I wanted to prove to them that I could have a real job and earn my money. I may have been stupid , I should have focused on football… ” He stayed 7 years at PSG, without ever going pro. And then, there were many other small clubs (FC Chambly in particular) where he could have fun…
But then: how did Raymond get on TV? ” By my job as a delivery driver of course!” But before TV, he wanted to invite himself to the radio. He loved this medium since childhood: his father took him on tour in his truck and introduced him to RTL , NRJ , mornings, discs on demand. ” I even called to dedicate a title from Joe Dassin to my fiancee at the time!”
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Raymond was on the air all day in his hutch. And one morning in 2011, when he learns that Cyril Hanouna , fired from RTL, is leaving for Virgin Radio, he takes his courage in both hands and dares to approach the host on the sidewalk: ” Eh! You do not have need a deglingo to do street challenges for your next Virgin show? ” Hanouna is surprised, amused by his pellet and notes his cell phone. A few months later, they meet. ” My name is Cyril,” said Hanouna. ” You too, it’s not possible. If we work together, take another name. What is your middle name? ” “Raymond , ” Raymond replied. Everything is explained.
With “La mission Raymond” (pastille in the morning of Hanouna), Raymond had fun for six months. But it was not compatible with his job as a delivery driver. ” I didn’t want to lose my job. A permanent contract all the same!”. Hanouna promises him that they will collaborate again … and keeps his word. Don’t touch my sport! yesterday (producer Cyril Hanouna), Don’t touch my post! today: Raymond stayed in the Hanouna galaxy and continues to appear regularly on radar.
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Is our Raymond aware of taking on the role of the service beauf? ” If being a beauf is not having censorship, talking with your heart about what you like, then yes, I am a beauf. And I don’t care completely. The important thing is that Cyril is happy with what i do and the important thing too is to fully experience this moment . ” And philosopher with that! Because Raymond , who lives in concubinage and is a happy father, knows that he is lucky (” It is not everyone who makes the TV”) , aware that everything can stop overnight. But, for now, the beautiful story continues on the flagship C8 show.