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Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, a Nigerian national known as @hushpuppi on IG, appeared in federal court on Friday in connection with millions he allegedly scammed through international cyber schemes. Abbas was reportedly arrested last month in the United Arab Emirates, before being transferred to the US to face his day in court.

Ramon Olorunwa Abbas Bio

According to the Ministry of Justice, Rolls Royces, a Nigerian man nicknamed “Ray Hushpuppi” who imitates fancy watches and designer clothes on Instagram, is facing money laundering conspiracy charges in the United States.

Ramon Abbas

Cyber crime

Ramon Olorunwa Abbas went to a federal court in Chicago on Friday. He is accused of conspiring to laund hundreds of millions of dollars with cyber crime programs.
According to a federal statement, one of the alleged victims was a customer of a New York-based law firm that lost nearly a million dollars in 2019.

Abbas was arrested by law enforcement officers in the United Arab Emirates last month and was transferred to the US this week by the FBI.
Prosecutors claim that Abbas is one of the leaders of a global network that uses computer interventions, business email compromise (BEC) plans, and money laundering capers to steal hundreds of millions of dollars.

is Ramon Olorunwa Abbas a hacker?

US officials say this man is Ramon Abbas and they conspired to launder millions of dollars.
A BEC scheme usually includes a hacker that redirects the communication of an email account to others to encourage bank transfers.
“This case aims at a key player in a large, transnational conspiracy who lives a rich lifestyle in another country, while offering safe havens for stolen money worldwide. As shown in this case, my office will continue to blame those criminals, US Lawyer Nick Hanna said in a statement.
It is unclear whether Abbas had a lawyer.
The Ministry of Justice says the Hushpuppi Instagram account, which has 2.4 million followers, poses inside or in front of Abbas jets, in exchange of luxury brands, in front of Rolls Royces, in front of a Ferrari and other expensive cars.

In the biography, Hushpuppi says he is a real estate developer.
According to the Dubai Police Facebook page, Abbas and 11 people were arrested in raids, where officials seized phone calls and computer evidence containing about $ 41 million, $ 6.8 million worth of 13 luxury cars and more than 100,000 fraud files and about 2 million addresses. victim.

The conspirators went after the English football team.

A criminal complaint made last month claims that Abbas and an anonymous person plotted to laund money in 2019 from a descendant of a $ 14.7 million foreign financial institution.
Abbas is also accused of conspiring to become part of an attempt to steal $ 124 million from a British Premier League football club. The complaint does not say which team was targeted or whether the attempt was successful.

Ramon Olorunwa Abbas Fraudulent history

Officials said it was part of a BEC plan in October 2019, when a New York-based law firm defrauded its client for $ 922,857.
The FBI says in a criminal complaint that Abbas and others deceived harassment at the law firm to wire money to an account used by Abbas and his co-conspirators to purify real estate.
Abbas, 37, is held at the Federal Prison Bureau’s website, the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago. According to the Ministry of Justice, he will be transferred to Los Angeles in the coming weeks.
If convicted of money laundering, he is sentenced to a maximum of 20 years in prison.