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A former senior military adviser to President Donald Trump approved Joe Biden for the presidency.

Paul Selva is one of 500 national security experts and former officials

Retired General Paul Selva, former vice president of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is one of about 500 national security experts and former officials who signed a letter supporting Biden on Trump in an open letter to America.

Paul Selva was involved in in-country nuclear weapons

After Selva was first appointed by President Barack Obama in 2015, he was nominated again by Trump in 2017 as Chief of Staff. As vice president, he was deeply involved in the country’s nuclear weapons program and his support is particularly notable due to the recently retired officers. stay out of politics.

“Thanks to his condescending attitude and failures, our allies no longer trust or respect us, and our enemies no longer fear us. Climate change continues unabated, like North Korea’s nuclear program. The president has given his influence over to a Russian rival. Awards to the heads of American military personnel.” and his trade war against China only harmed America’s farmers and manufacturers. ”

“Only FDR and Abraham Lincoln came to power, facing more massive crises than the next president,” he says.
Other signatories include retired four-star general and former Deputy Chief of Staff Peter Chiarelli and former Deputy Undersecretary of State Richard Armitage, who served under George W. Bush.

Paul Selva
Democratic administrations

The list includes national security officials from Democratic administrations such as former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

What biden said about Paul Selva

Rice, co-chair of Biden National Security Leaders, said on Thursday that Trump is undermining the US global stance and that Biden will support America’s national security.

“At a time when our global stance is falling, President Trump slanders the presidency and in some ways makes the United States a pariah on the world stage, they know we need a change and determination Rice, national security experts and former officials who signed the letter at a VoteVets.org event. talked about.

“It’s time to rebuild America’s leadership and that’s what this letter is about,” retired Rear Supervisor Mike Smith, who edited the open letter, said at the event.

“We really got together in November to send the message that the only option is to vote for Joe Biden. He has leadership, he has honesty, he has the experience, he has the empathy we need in the White House,” Smith said. He said the letter was targeting undecided voters.

In CNN’s Jim Sciutto’s book “The Mad Theory: Trump Captures the World,” a former senior official said Selva and other Pentagon officials reported that the White House direct military action against Iran when a handful of mortar shells hit Iran in September 2018. he said he was stunned by their offer. No casualties or serious damage occurred near the US Embassy in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone.