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According to the Associated Press, in July the white St. Louis couple Mark and Patricia McCloskey were accused of waving guns at protesters walking around doorways.

Their lawyer, Joel Schwartz, told NPR that he learned about the indictment from various reports, but the prosecutor has not yet been contacted by the prosecutor and the legal documents have not been recorded in the court database.
“I do not have independent consent, but they were said to have been accused of displaying firearms and falsifying evidence,” Schwartz said.

He could not explain the charges of tampering with the evidence and “I can only assume that they claimed they tampered with the firearm.”

Environment Attorney Kimberly Gardner’s office did not immediately respond to NPR’s requests for comment.

When the Incident occurred

The incident occurred on June 28, as protesters were walking towards Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home a few blocks away. They suddenly decided to return to McCloskeys’ street and led to the confrontation captured in the cellphone video. Mark McCloskey demonstrated in front of the $ 1.15 million house equipped with an AR-15 rifle and semi-automatic pistol Patricia McCloskey.

A police explanation of the possible cause said the protesters were afraid of “being injured by Patricia McCloskey’s finger on her guard and her excited attitude.”

Nine people involved in the protest were charged with misdemeanor breaches, but later the city counsel’s office dropped the charges. The office of the city counselor deals with smaller crimes and is not affiliated with the office of the environmental prosecutor.

Why St. Louis couple Mark and Patricia McCloskey arrested and charged

The charges stem from a conflict between McCloskeys, both a personal injury lawyer and a white couple with a history of lawsuits with their neighbors, and a group of mostly Black protesters on June 28. The demonstrators, St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson’s house.

However, before reaching their goals, the nonviolent group was greeted by McCloskeys, who waved firearms in front of their mansions and threatened the group. While Mark McCloskey was carrying an AR-15, Patricia McCloskey stood on her hands waving a semi-automatic pistol.

The event was filmed and received anger from Black Lives Matter supporters and praise from Second Amendment activists. It also sparked a heated debate about the protesters’ rights and protection.

Environmental Attorney Gardner filed a lawsuit against the couple in July for the illegal use of a weapon, a class E crime. However, Tuesday’s grand jury indictment reportedly added a new charge for tampering with evidence against both McCloskeys.

Of the nearly 300 people attending the demonstration, 9 out of the last month made unauthorized calls to walk to a private property. However, the City Consultant office decided not to pursue the charges against alleged intruders.
On Tuesday, Schwartz said he was stunned by additional serious crimes against his clients and claimed they were protected under Missouri law and the Second Amendment.

Gathering national attention from the trial, McCloskeyS took action to protect their fears and property. They also said that protesters had entered the private community illegally, smashing a door and ignoring “No Trespassing” signs.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey Court Appearance

The couple appeared in court early Tuesday for the situation hearing before the grand jury made a verdict. Schwartz said the trial was postponed to next week, while the McCloskeys would make an innocent defense.

Standing in front of the courthouse, Mark McCloskey condemned the grand jury indictment and accused the government of persecution.

“What you are witnessing here is the opportunity to persecute us for the government of the city of St. Louis, the leftist, democratic government for doing nothing more than exercising our Second Amendment rights,” McCloskey said, after learning of the charges against him. Said. and his wife reported, local news station KMOV4.

He continued: “They broke our door, they raped our property. None of these people are now charged with anything. … We are charged with crimes that could cost our life and life for four years license.”

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