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Online Influencers Tell You What to Buy

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Ipsy, an Online Influencers cosmetics brand, pioneered paying high rates to social media stars to promote their eyeshadow and lip gloss in Instagram posts and YouTube videos. Now, the brand is leading the way again, this time going backward. Companies will allocate billions of dollars this year to online personalities, known as influencers, who launch their products on social media.

However, with no way to measure sales or verify how many people even see the ads, the companies that paved the way for the influential economy, mostly the first

to adopt as Ipsy, wonder if it’s worth it.

Online Influencers Tell You What to Buy on social media

What started as friends and family sharing their favorite products has become a lucrative advertising industry of famous sponsors, influential people, and creators of memes.

Such paid endorsements, known as sponsored content, are the online equivalent of a 30-second television ad.

Renowned stars can get $ 100,000 or more for a single YouTube video or an Instagram photo.

Price per Instagram post for influencers, by number of followers, 2019

But a pinch of deception now pollutes the influential market.

Online Influencers & Advertisers

The influencers have strained ties with advertisers by inflating the number of their followers, sometimes buying thousands of fake ones.

They have also damaged their credibility with real-life followers by promoting products they don’t use.

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“All these paid publications make you question whether the influencers are genuine or just do it for the money,” said JaLynn Evans, a 19-year-old student at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Are your purchases influenced by influential people in social networks?

Loss of confidence undermines the power of influencers, according to

These days, the company is recruiting its own customers to publish products for free.

Participation rates, which measure the number of likes that a publication generates as a percentage of a person’s followers, have dropped this year, compared to the same period last

year, according to InfluencerDB, which manufactures tools to help to brands to manage influence campaigns.

“Consumers can see if someone honestly cares about a product or if they are just trying to push it,” he said.

Executive Director of the online stationery retailer A Good Company.

Only Instagram has more than one billion monthly users.

Mediakix, an influencers marketing agency, estimates that companies will spend between $ 4.1 billion and $ 8.2 billion worldwide in 2019 on influencers.

That’s over $ 500 million in 2015, but still a fraction of the $ 624.2 billion that companies will spend globally this year on advertising, according to a calculation

This year he began adding influential publications to his website to promote products such as Sofia Jeans by Sofia Vergara and a homemade collection of blogger Liz Marie.

PLC warned that fraud undermines the power of influencers.

However, in June, its investment arm agreed to buy a stake in a software company that helps brands monitor influence campaigns.

Despite questions about the decline in influence, Influencers paid money continues to rise, approximately 50% a year since 2017, according to Mediakix, which helps to link brands with influencers.

Prices per Instagram post range from $ 200 for an influencer with just 10,000 followers to more than $ 500,000 for celebrities with millions of followers, according to Mediakix.

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