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Olivia Jansen Wiki – Olivia Jansen Biography

Father of Olivia Jansen’s Howard Jansen, and his girlfriend, Jacqulyn Kirkpatrick, have been arrested after police found remains suspected of being Jansen’s 3-year-old daughter.

Howard Jansen and his girlfriend Jacqulyn Kirkpatrick were arrested after police found remains suspected of being Jansen’s 3-year-old daughter.

KCK Police, in a Facebook post, said it thought it was Olivia Jansen, a body they found was reported missing Friday morning. After the discovery of that day, Amber Alert, which was originally given for Olivia, was canceled.

What officers have discovered about Olivia Jansen

“We’re sorry to hear that our officers have discovered a corpse in the 3400 Steele block that we believe has kidnapped 3-year-old Olivia Jansen in the past 30 minutes,” Friday evening said. Said. “We would like to thank everyone who shared our publications and reached with help and tips throughout the day. Therefore, we wanted to share this information as quickly as possible. That’s not the result we want, it’s actually the worst. ”

Online Wyandotte prison record

Online Wyandotte County prison records show that Kansas State of Kansas, according to FOX4, was arrested on suspicion of child abuse due to the unknown situation and first-degree murder. Kirkpatrick was also arrested, but neither was officially charged.
KCK Police Department spokesperson T.J. Tomasic told KCTV that the police heard “a few stories throughout the day” about the missing toddler, but “none of them make sense”.

Olivia Jansen father and police statement

According to a police press release, Jansen went to the police station to report that he was missing around 8:30 am on Friday. Throughout the day, the investigators searched the two houses until they tipped and found Olivia’s body.

Olivia Jansen Family

Olivia’s family members also told KCTV that they were worried about her before the child’s body was found and disappointed that they were not allowed to see it.
“She’s just special. She’s just a beautiful little girl. Sweet, lively. She’s my sunlight,” said stepmother Elisabeth Jansen.
Tomasic said the police focused on investigating “who did this”.
“We will ensure that the person responsible for this is charged,” he said.