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Noah Green has been named the now deceased suspect, who tried to crash a car into the US Capitol barricade, got out with a knife and used a knife that killed a Capitol police officer and injured another.

The suspect’s name was first chosen by MSBNC’s Pete Williams and other NBC journalists who said he was 25 years old and from Indiana. Authorities have not yet confirmed the name.

Noah Green Age

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Noah Green Suspected

“BREAKING / NBC News: Several senior law enforcement officials who were informed of the investigation said that 25-year-old Noah Green from Indiana attacked the Capitol today,” NBC journalist Tom Winter wrote.

“There is so much courage that I came here to shed light on the incident that took place at the US Capitol this afternoon,” Capitol police chief Yogananda Pittman said at a press conference. The suspect entered the “northern barricade” of the Capitol.

“The suspect crashed his car into our two officers and then hit the northern barricade barrier … The suspect got out of the vehicle with a knife in his hand. Our officers then caught this suspect. He did not respond to verbal commands. The officers opened fire on the suspect, and it was announced that the suspect was deceased.

The two officers were hospitalized. “I announce with a very heavy heart that one of our officers surrenders to the injured. His name is not disclosed.

“This has been an extremely difficult time for the US capital police after the January 6 incidents,” Pittman said.

Washington Metropolitan Police chief Robert Contee said the murder unit took over the investigation in connection with “the fiery death that occurred and the death of the police.” He said there was no “continuing threat”.

He said the suspect was unknown to the Capitol Police. He said he did not appear to be concerned with terrorism, but that the police would continue the investigation.

The incident occurred just three months after the January 6 Capitol riots caused numerous officers to be injured, but the cause of the suspect is not yet clear.

CNN reports that Capitol police shot the suspect after shaking a knife. Williams reported that the suspect was dead.

The most recent incident broke out on the afternoon of April 2, 2021, leading to the lockdown of the Capitol as Congress continued discussions over security measures and fences in the historic building.

Officers Were Hospitalized After the Noah Green Attack

According to the police, two Capitol police officers were injured in the attack.

Capitol Police wrote on Twitter: “CRITICAL EVENT: USCP is responding to the North Barricade vehicle access point along Independence Boulevard against reports that someone had hit a car with two USCP officers. A suspect is in custody. Both officers were injured. All three were transferred to the hospital. ”



Journalist Jonathan Dienst wrote on Twitter that, according to a senior law enforcement source, the preliminary information was that “the suspect jumped out of the vehicle with a knife”.

Parliament police later wrote “Correction: Constitutional Boulevard”. “Due to the external security threat at the US Capitol North Barricade, the following road closures are in effect: Constitution Street between Second Street NE and First Street NW. First Street between Constitution Avenue NE and Independence Avenue SE. ”


Noah Green Killed

Reports say the suspect was shot at the crime scene. Dienst also wrote, “The suspect was later shot by the police.” Pete Williams of NBC said the vehicle hit a barricade, the driver got out with a knife and cut a police officer before he was hit.

This explained the first gunfire reports.

NBC also reported: “The Washington D.C. Fire Department and EMS Department spokesman said at least one person was shot near the US Capitol.”

The news came on the afternoon of April 2, 2021. Ro Khanna wrote on Twitter: “I am safe and locked here in the Capitol. We are grateful to the US Capitol Police today and every day.”

Journalist Steve Herman provided updates on Twitter. “There are reports of gunshots near the US Capitol,” @KellyO wrote to @ PressSec during the ongoing briefing. KellyO is the Twitter page for NBC reporter Kelly O’Donnell.

“Sirens are ringing in the US Capitol, which is now under lock and key due to a visible” external threat, “she wrote.

Here you can see a series of videos from the scene.

The shooting reports came after the Capitol riots left multiple officers injured by the Capitol Police. Officer Brian Sicknick died. He was repulsed by the rebels accused of attacking him, but it is unclear whether this caused his death.

It is unclear whether the armed attack on April 2 had anything to do with the uprising in the past.

A fence was erected around the Capitol building after the January 6 attack, but USA Today reported it remained “contentious”. The newspaper reported that “the fence proved that it was the target of criticism of lawmakers of both parties, as it restricts access to the historic building.