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Authorities were charged with hate crime and other crimes after a video showing two white people in California destroyed the Black Lives Matter mural on July 4.
The two were identified by Contra Costa District Attorney General as 42-year-old Nicole Claudia Anderson and 53-year-old David Richard Nelson in Martinez, California.

Nicole Claudia Anderso Age

Nicole Claudia Anderso is 53 years old
“The mural completed last weekend was a peaceful and powerful way to explain the importance of Contra Costa County and the Black lives in the country,” said regional lawyer Diana Becton.
The mural was painted on July 4, in front of a courthouse in Martinez, which he chose when the city allowed the mural organizer. Organizer Justin Gomez was destroyed an hour after its completion.

Nicole Claudia Anderso Video

The video of the episode showed a woman who used black paint and a roller brush to cover the letters “B” and “L”. He was accompanied by a man with a red hat and a red shirt that reads “Trump” and “Four More Years”: “We are tired of this narrative” and “the narrative of police brutality, print narration, racism. This is a lie. This is a lie.”
“This is not happening in my town,” he adds, telling the audience that “keep it” in New York.
The mural was restored, and residents “keep their presence,” to avoid further damage.

Hate crime charges against Nicole Claudia Anderso

In addition to hate crime charges, each of the two has a $ 400 vandalism charge and tools to commit vandalism or graffiti. According to the spokesman of the district lawyer, all charges are not fault and the court date is not planned.
The district court said that the couple were sentenced to up to one year in prison if found guilty.
Efforts to reach Ms. Anderson and Mr. Nelson on multiple phone numbers on Tuesday night failed.
In a separate development, Martinez police said on Tuesday that they were investigating the illegal picture of the “White Lives Matter” on a road elsewhere in the city. The police said in a statement that the officers found a woman painting on white letters with black paint and that they tried to determine who painted the words first.

A witness Who Filmed

A witness who filmed vandalism asked what the man and woman were doing. Another audience said, “What’s your problem?” Asked. Wearing a red hat and shirt that says “Trump” and “Four More Years”, Nelson claimed that there was no racism. “We’re tired of this narrative,” he said. “Police brutality narrative, persecution narrative, racism narrative. This is a lie. This is a lie.”

An artist who helped draw the mural said that the painting responded directly to the white power sieves in the city throughout the week.

Donald trump about hate symbol

Donald Trump describes Black Lives Matter wall painting as a “hate symbol”
Donald Trump
“I think this is an indication of the power of white supremacy in reality,” Tatiana Ray, residing in Martinez, told ABC7News. Said. “Even if they were an hour on the street, they could not tolerate it. You know, it was such a threat that the concerns of others were represented by the city and represented by the community. ”
If convicted, the pair may be sentenced to one year in prison. Watch the video of Trump fans who have destroyed the Black Lives Matter mural below.

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