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Officer Nickolas Pearce is now facing criminal charges for ordering his dog to attack Ryans.Body camera footage shows a police K9 biting the leg of Jeffrey Ryans in April.

Salt Lake Police Assosication about Nickolas Pearce

The Salt Lake Police Association said it was “disappointed” with a heavy assault charge against Officer Nickolas Pearce and would strongly defend the officer’s actions.
The Salt Lake County Attorney’s Office announced on Wednesday that it filed a second-degree crime charge against a domestic violence suspect last April in connection with the police dog attack.
“We found a person who does not resist, is compliant, engaged to other officers, who has no flight risk,” said DA Sim Gill.

Nickolas Pearce Accused of allowing his dog to bit

Despite this, Officer Pearce is accused of allowing his dog Tuco to bite suspected Jeffery Ryans in the leg.
According to a possible cause explanation, Ryans suffered tears “about four inches wide by three inches long and about five inches long by one inch wide.”

“Our conclusion was that the behavior exceeded the limits of legal behavior, and it became illegal behavior and we made the accusation consistent with what we observed,” Gill said.
However, the police association representing Salt Lake officials expressed a very different opinion on Wednesday.
“We think Officer Pearce acted in accordance with the law and we stand behind him,” said Steven Winters, president of the association.
Winters said the association was in the process of meeting with a lawyer to represent Pearce.

Nickolas Pearce Explanations

The probable cause explanation also said that Pearce kicked Ryans only three seconds after he confronted him, and “With Ryans on his knees in the air, Pearce ordered the dog to keep Ryans busy.”
Ryans said the experience was traumatic.
“I’m thinking if I did something wrong,” he said. “Was it my fault to think of things? … I too did everything you could do. “