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Nicholas Arnold Schock Wiki – Nicholas Arnold Schock Biography

Nicholas Arnold Schock was filmed attacking a woman while going on a rant about President Donald Trump. He was arrested Nokomis, Florida, on Friday

What is the actual story of Nicholas Arnold Schock

Nicholas Arnold Schock attacked a woman while she was in rank about President Donald Trump. According to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, Nokomis was arrested in Florida on Friday and charged with disturbing battery and peace. According to TMZ, his arrest is scheduled for August 24. The bond was set at $ 620.

Nicholas Arnold Schock Video Goes viral on social media

The video was first shared by Facebook user Shelley Troyer, who said Pop was enjoying the day at Sunset Grill. “So we’re sitting here, watching the boats go Pop on a beautiful Friday afternoon … WOW … Thank God I got it on the video!” Wrote.

The clip went viral after being posted to Twitter by Fifty Shades of Whey, where it collected over 300,000 views on Saturday. “After attacking Donald Trump, a white supremacist who proclaimed himself in Florida, is attacking an innocent woman,” Netizen said.
I reached Troyer and the restaurant for comments on the heavy event, but I did not hear back immediately.

What Nicholas Arnold Schock Calls himself in the video

In the video, Schock calls him Aryan and a white supremacist. He seems shirtless and about to fall as his pants begin to shout, “I’m a white supremacist, Aryan Nation will rule the world. People covered with tattoos will be my closest relatives, I promise you. ”
Workers in the restaurant are trying to calm and calm Schock, but he fell off his line. “I didn’t fault, please call Donald Trump,” says the 36-year-old boy. “Do you know Donald Trump? If you don’t know Donald Trump, I’m not going anywhere. ”

He continues to walk in the area and begins to obscene, making an aggressive comment about sex. When a female employee tries to prevent her from entering an area and reminds the kids around, he slaps her in the face.
That’s when the crowd exploded and dropped Schock to the ground with a bloody nose. A second video shared by Troyer shows four men holding Schock; another audience shouts at him for hitting female personnel of unknown identity.

The third video of Troyer appears after the police arrive. The police ask her name and tell her to relax. The police try to relax for more than a minute and Schock asks for one last time to take Trump to the scene. He also said at one point, “I have psychological problems.”

According to records from the DeSoto County Prison, Schock was previously arrested in 2016 and was imprisoned for 13 days after violating probation and was charged with carrying a secret weapon.