Who is Nevan Baker (Black Man Found Hanging From Tree) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident Detail cause of Death & More Facts

Nevan Baker Wiki Bio

Nevan Baker is a young Black man who was declared dead after being found hanging on a tree in a park in Orlando, Florida. According to the obituary, Baker died on October 5. He was only 22 years old.

Nevan Baker Death Was Suicide or Murder?

The Orlando Police Department described Baker’s death as suicide. However, Baker’s family claimed that some of the details did not come together and they are urging the department to reopen the investigation.

A man walking his dog found Baker hanging on a rope hanging from a tree in Barker Park in Orlando. The witness saw Baker’s body at around 3:45 am. Orlando Sentinel reported that Baker was found on Sunday, October 4th, based on a police document. However, the obituary and GoFundMe campaign initiated by Baker’s sister states that Baker died on October 5. Heavy reached out to the Orlando Police Department for clarification.

The medical investigator decided Baker’s death was suicide. The autopsy has not been made public. Heavy sent an email to the Orange County Medical Examination Office asking if the report would be made public and asked for a copy.

On October 9, Orlando Police made an anonymous statement regarding Baker’s death:

Description statment of the Orlando Police Department

We saw social media posts about a man found dead in Barker Park. This is a tragic suicide case and it is difficult for investigators to discuss details publicly without respecting the privacy of the victim and his family.

The officials have exhausted all their clues and currently, there is no evidence of physical combat or foul play. The doctor also investigated the cause of death as suicide and made a decision. Our detectives continue to support the victim’s family as best they can. In this difficult period, we keep the victim, family and friends in mind.

What Baker’ mom said about Him

Baker’s mother, Sharhonda James, told Orlando Sentinel that she noticed the wounds on her face when she saw her son’s body in the morgue. James explained to reporter Grace Toohey that Baker’s chin was out of place, his nose was swollen, and he had “bumps on his forehead.” James added that he asked the Orlando Police to show his pictures in the park, but his request has not yet been granted.

James told the newspaper that he did not believe his son would commit suicide. “I’m not done with this situation; it’s just getting started,” James said. My son didn’t hang himself. I know my kid. ”

Nevan Baker’s cousin statement about Baker On social Media

A woman who identifies herself as Baker’s cousin also discussed Baker’s alleged wounds on social media. she wrote on Twitter that Baker had been beaten “beyond recognition”. He also accused the police department of closing the case “without any investigation”. she described Baker in a follow-up tweet on October 11: “My cousin Nevan Baker, who was 22 years old with a life in front of him, was planning to enlist, he was a kind-hearted God who changed his life. and hung on a tree. OPD decided it was a suicide. ”

UPDATE: Please see the statement below from the Orlando Police Department:

“We have seen social media posts regarding a…

Posted by Orlando Police Department on Friday, October 9, 2020

The “Justice for Nevan” tag has become a meeting place for people to discuss the case on Twitter. The idea that Baker’s hands might be clasped behind his back gathered steam in the thread. Twitter user @MandaMillions wrote on October 8, “Nevan Baker, 22, was found hanging in a tree at Barkers Park in ORLANDO on Tuesday night. @OrlandoPolice immediately decided to commit suicide despite her hands tied behind her back, bruises on her face and missing teeth. We need damn answers. ”

The Orlando Police Department has not made public the allegation that Baker may have been beaten before his death. The police testimony published on 9 October did not contain any specific details about the condition of Baker’s body when it was found. The episode just stated that there was “no evidence of foul play or any physical struggle”. Heavy asked for a copy of the case report.

Baker’s Death Was Murder? What did his sister say?

Baker’s sister, Jamia Douglas, started a GoFundMe campaign to help the family pay for the funeral. As of this writing, the page has raised more than $ 7,600. Douglas described his brother as a “good boy” who “gave his life to Jesus.” she said he was planning to become an electrician. she added that Baker’s unexpected death “left my family with many unanswered questions behind his murder.”

In an update on October 10, Douglas explained that the family was planning to use the extra money to start another investigation into Baker’s death: “Now we agree to pay more for further investigation into Nevan Baker’s murder. Also next week we will hold a peaceful protest to uncover the evidence that led to this lawsuit from the Orlando Police Department. We need answers. NOW! “