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Morgan le Fay, alternatively known as Morgan among other names and spellings, is a powerful enchantress in the Arthurian legend. Wikipedia

Morgan le Fay Quick Biography

Morgan le Fay, alternatively known as Morgan among other names and spellings, is a powerful enchantress in the Arthurian legend. Wikipedia

Spouse: Urien
Children: Ywain
Home: Avalon, Camelot, Gore, Brocéliande
Movies and TV shows: Merlin, Cursed, Excalibur, Camelot, MORE
Books: Die Nebel von Avalon, Dinosaurs Before Dark

who is the widow in cursed Widow? Morgan le Fay

What distinguishes Netflix’s ‘Cursed’ from all other adaptations of Arthurian legends is that he shows his attention to the bow of female characters. Putting the sword in the hands of a girl named Nimue, she translates the narrative and surrounds it with strong women who always look at her and push her to do the right thing. One such character is Morgana. At first glance, it looks like an obedient nun dedicated to the Church.

But soon it turned out to be a multi-layered person who does not need magical powers to do well. While the show examined him in a very positive light, the original stories were not kind to him. Here’s what you need to know about Morgana.

Who is Morgana? What is its Relationship with Arthur?

“Cursed” introduces Morgana as Arthur’s sister. She lives as a nun in Yvoire Monastery, but later becomes the one who helps Fey escape the Red Paladins’ massacre. According to the legend of Arthur, Morgana is better known as Morgan Le Fay, although she is her half-sister, she is considered to be Arthur’s sister.

It is believed that Igraine (name in the monastery on the show) and the daughter of her first husband Gorlois.

After Uther killed Iloine, who killed Gorlois and later gave birth to Arthur, Morgana was sent to a monastery. This is where he communicates with magic and supernatural art. He is also considered a great healer. In other versions, the presence of his magical abilities is attributed to being a goddess, a witch, and even a fault. In another version, he is known to learn magic from Merlin and is also held responsible for keeping him in a cave. In some versions, the wizard is roused together in a romantic way.

At the show, we feel a wall between Morgana and Arthur. He blames him for leaving him as a child, but there is no deep hostility between them. In legends, Morgana and Arthur are often found, while not working, against each other. He organizes against the king to usurp his throne.

At some point, he steals Excalibur and gives it to one of his lovers to overthrow Arthur. It is also counted as the reason for Arthur’s fall. However, they reconcile at the end of the story and take her to Avalon to heal her wounds from the Battle of Camlann.

He is married to Urien, though unhappy. He is also known to have many lovers throughout his life, but his heart is based on Lancelot, which makes him hostile to Guinevere, Arthur’s wife, who has a relationship with the knight. Morgana’s mixed personality gives her a bad mood. But the show leaves it at once, refreshing its romantic preferences. But that’s not the only thing they change.

On the show, Morgana eventually kills the Widow and eventually becomes her. He also touches Cailleach, who previously gave him the power to communicate with the dead. There is no such arc in the story of legends. But things are getting dark for him. In one of the versions of the legend, Arthur has an incest relationship with him, which leads to the birth of a child named Mordred.

It is predicted that it will be the cause of Arthur’s collapse, so he is trying to kill the baby. With or without her son, Mordred becomes the reason for Arthur’s empire to fall. Arthur seizes power while chasing after having a relationship with his wife after Lancelot.