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Mitchell Miller is a talented young hockey player who had the world at his skates … Mitchell Miller brutally abused and psychologically scarred a black disabled classmate at his school …

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Miller was the Arizona Coyotes’ first pick in the NHL entry draft held earlier this month. He was unceremoniously released Thursday by the team a few weeks after being selected, and only days after the Coyotes defended their decision to draft him amid mounting controversy.
What had to happen initially, and never did, was for the league, the team, an executive, a coach, or someone to go online and hold space for Isaiah Meyer-Crothers.

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Meyer-Crothers is the young man who in 2016 at an Ohio high school received a popsicle that Miller and another boy, Hunter R McKee, rubbed on a urinal. The boy wanted to be friends with Miller and McKie, so he accepted the candy and had to be tested for hepatitis, HIV and STDs, according to a police report. The abuse did not end there. For years he was the target of their taunts, which included racial slurs. At the time of the abuse, Meyer-Crothers had the mental capacity of a 10-year-old.
The Republic of Arizona first reported that the abuse and anger quickly spilled over onto social media. Miller’s lack of a sincere apology and the many levels of flaws within hockey come to light, including the team that viewed itself as the savior in Mitchell’s redemption arc.
But when the situation quickly escalated last week, they cut ties.
An Athletic report details that the organization knew of Miller’s past, but decided to recruit him anyway. Bill Armstrong, the Coyotes’ new general manager, responded by stating that scouts knew about Miller’s past but felt the need to help him “by giving him a second chance to prove himself.” Armstrong did not fail to mention that Miller was 14 years old when the abuse occurred. He also reiterated that Miller had sent letters of apology to all 31 NHL teams.
What’s more annoying and heartbreaking is that while Miller was busy crafting written statements of admission disguised as remorse, the young man who should be focused on all of this, Meyer-Crothers, was ignored and his trauma dismissed. The release of Miller by the Coyotes doesn’t change the fact that they were wrong every step of the way.
It’s incomprehensible that all these twists were being made to establish Miller’s redemption narrative and they disappeared so quickly. As I imagined it: The Coyotes would embolden him to become a champion against bullying and, through a lucrative professional hockey contract, the freshman at the University of North Dakota would have risen from the ashes of a tarnished reputation and a slightly awkward past and he would have become the true hero. that hockey deserves.
Now the Arizona Coyotes are acting like they care about a child whose pain they didn’t even bother to acknowledge.