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Mitchell Johnson spoke candidly about his battle with depression on Monday night’s episode of SAS Australia.

Mitchell Johnson Former Cricketer Scared and Upset

The former cricketer was notably scared and upset after he became paralyzed and was unable to “shoot the enemy” during the previous challenge.

During a questioning with management staff Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham and Ollie Ollerton, the 38-year-old explained that his lack of confidence was due to the fact that professional cricket no longer helped him ‘block’ his struggles with mental health.


Mitchell informed viewers of his backstory, saying: ‘In 2011 in South Africa, I was just not having fun. I didn’t enjoy being a professional cricketer and, I suppose, being looked at and judged all the time.

‘I just took everything personally. I was physically exhausted and mentally as well. ”

During their questioning, Mark and Ollie asked why his demeanor had completely changed after the previous grueling challenge.

“ I overthought it, just the preamble. ”

Ollie informed him, “It’s about making decisions when everything around you collapses!”

Mitchell explained more fully and continued: “I took the gun and then panicked. Sometimes I struggle with confidence.

“ I think now I’m in that transition where I have stopped playing cricket for two years. I found out that I had depression. But I think depression is something I’ve had even from a younger age. ‘

Mitchell bravely continued: ‘Cricket blocked things somehow. In a way it hid the depression, but there were many times when you went back to your room, got away from the family and started thinking about things.

‘Throughout my career, I just dealt with it. It’s just about me knowing, moving forward and taking responsibility to be active with certain things and keep my mind moving. ‘

Mark reassured him: ‘That’s exactly what you’re doing. You have to put your mind elsewhere.

‘Take each day as it comes and don’t be afraid to go ahead and do it.’

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