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Michelle Beckett Wiki – Michelle Beckett Biography

Michelle Beckett died In a fatal accident on Leestown Pike she was Later identified as 38-year-old Michelle Renee Beckett was the passenger in the SUV and was ejected from the vehicle.

Michelle Beckett Age

She was 38 Years old.

Michelle Beckett Cause of Death

The 38-year-old woman who died of injuries emerged because her car got out of control on New Circle Road on Friday morning.
According to Fayette County Coroner Gary Ginn, woman Michelle Renee Beckett. It was announced that he died at 15:00. Shortly after the accident, she was rushed to the UK Medical Center, before 11 o’clock, reporting on the outer circle of the New Circle, approaching Harrodsburg Road.
Less than four weeks after a fatal accident at Leestown Pike, a tragic start to the holiday weekend was made, a woman was killed in an accident on New Circle Road.

About Michelle Beckett Circle Accident Report

The New Circle accident was reported at 10:54 am in the outer loop approaching Harrodsburg Road. According to the police, an SUV left the highway, toppled over and kicked a passenger out.
The victim, a 38-year-old woman, was transferred to a hospital where she died of injury, police said, indicating that she was hiding her name until reported to relatives.
The 38-year-old man driving was treated and released from the hospital. The police were wearing seat belts at the scene and women were not wearing them.
“We remind everyone that he is slowing down, wearing seat belts. You hear it all the time, but seat belts save lives, ”says Lexington Police and Lieutenant Chris Van Brackel.
Police said the Collision Reconstruction Unit continues to investigate the conditions of this collapse and that no charges have been made.

Michelle Beckett Death Investigation

Meanwhile, according to Fayette County Coroner Gary Ginn, police continue to investigate the deadly clash at 7am, which killed 50-year-old Tammy Botkin.
Police and fire departments were sent to an injury collision and a car fire on Leestown Road in Boiling Springs Drive. Investigators say an SUV traveling at high speed in the incoming Leestown crashed into the vehicle of Botkin, which turned into Leestown from Bokin Springs.

His car caught fire.

The driver of the SUV, a 34-year-old man, tried to escape on foot, but was caught by officers and taken to the hospital. When released, the driver is accused of leaving an accident / failure scene for assistance.
The Lexington Police Collision Reconstruction Unit continues to investigate this collapse. Police said additional costs might be possible.
Lexington Police said that the start of Fourth of July was generally not that active.
Lieutenant Chris Van Brackel thinks this is partly related to the coronavirus pandemic.
“Memorial Day weekend is always a big traffic safety challenge. You hear all the ads on bluegrass, blue lights. This is the beginning of the official summer. Now with the coronavirus and everything that seems a little pushed back, ”says Lieutenant Van Brackel.
Back on the next holiday, July 4, the first major holiday has been lifted since the state-wide restrictions.
It was a tragic start for the holiday weekend, and this takes a fee for the first responders.
“Leestown Road was a very violent clash that would have had a huge impact on the police and firefighters there,” says Brackel.
Crash is also difficult for reconstruction units.
“This nation goes from one bad collision to another, without any break or anything at this point, so it’s heavy on you. It wears you mentally and physically, ”says Lieutenant Brackel.
The police urge anyone traveling to be safe, behave carefully, wear a seat belt and slow down.