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Michael Roylos, 63 of Portland, is charged of aggravated assault, criminal threatening and interference with constitutional and civil rights after he was accused of assaulting a 38-year-old Portland woman.
The woman said that Royals accused him of reckless driving and made homophobic slurs according to the police. He said he attacked him when he started photographing Roylos with his phone.
The woman fell while trying to escape and injured her ankle. She was transferred to the Maine Medical Center and treated for life-threatening injuries.

What Portland woman Alana Reali told to police?

The Portland woman told the police on Friday evening that she was physically attacked by a man using a homophobic slur in an analogy in a supermarket parking lot.
Alana Reali, 38, made a social media post around 6pm. He claimed on Friday that a man stuck him in a stranger and punched behind his head after an agreement at a parking lot outside Shaw’s supermarket in the North Deering district of Portland. Reais called it a homophobic attack because the man was swearing and saying homophobic slurs.
“Fortunately, there were people screaming bloody murder there,” Reali wrote in his social media post. “This man would have killed me if there was no one around.”

Michael Roylos heavy assult crime

Portland police spokesman Robert Martin, Michael Roylos, a 63-year-old Portland man, has been called for heavy assault, assault, crime threat, and for constitutional and civil rights intervention.
According to his account, Reali entered Shaw’s parking lot to park his car when he met Roylos, who was leaving the supermarket with grocery stores. He pulled his car to a parking lot between the two big trucks and slowly moved to another empty spot as he watched from outside the car of Roylos.
After leaving her vehicle, Roylos approached her and accused her of careless handling. Roylos told Reali that he could not “pass through such parking lots”. According to Reali, after he started walking towards the store, he called him and told him that he would “run away with this last”. Reali said that he told Roylos to leave him alone, and that Roylos swore at him and called him a homophobic mud.

When Reais flocked to Roylos, he returned to his car to take his phone to photograph, put him in a choke, punch and shout at him “multiple death threats”. “I will kill you, fagot,” said Roylos, according to Reali.
“I please,” I shout and beg for my life, “said Reali.