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Who is Marcus Coutain (Mirrored George Floyd) Wiki, Bio, Age, Video footage, Twitter & More Facts

Who is Marcus Coutain (Mirrored George Floyd) Wiki, Bio, Age, Video footage, Twitter & More Facts

marcus coutain

Marcus Coutain Wiki – Marcus Coutain Bio

Marcus Coutain is a man who was detained on a London street on Thursday and charged with carrying a knife. Video filmed by a bystander shows two officers holding the handcuffed man on the ground and one appears to be applying pressure to the man’s neck with his knee.

Arrested by a London police officer who seemed to be kneeling around his neck, the lawyer of a black man said power must apologize to his client and the incident “reflects” the death of George Floyd in the USA.

Why Marcus Coutain Charged and Arrested?

Marcus Coutain was detained on a London street Thursday and charged with carrying knives.

Marcus Coutain Kneeling video

The video shot by a spectator shows two officers holding the handcuffed man on the ground, and one seems to put pressure on the man’s neck with the knee.

The officer's hand is on the head of the man shouting, "Get me out of my neck."

During a trial at the Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court, Coutain’s lawyer Timur Rusten said the incident reflected almost the same thing to George Floyd, a black man who died on May 25 in Minneapolis police.

What Marcus Coutain Claims for?

Coutain, 48, said he plans to claim that he was not guilty in court.

Attorney Coutain said he was carrying a knife to repair his bike.

Another hearing was held on August 17.

Rusten said prosecutors from outside the court should stop accusing and apologize to Coutain.

He said that the police were using “what I would consider extreme power”.

He said Coutain had “fortunately minimal” injuries to his wrists and neck.

“Fortunately, it did not lead to the tragic consequences we saw in America,” he said.

The London Metropolitan Police force said one police officer was suspended and the other was on restricted duties, the arrest was being investigated by the Independent Police Conduct Office.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner Steve House said the images were “extremely disturbing”.

“Some of the techniques used worry me a lot,” said House. Said.

“They are not taught in police training.”

Why Marcus Coutain was suspended?

An officer was suspended after Footages showed that the police were kneeling at the neck of a man.

The video, recorded in Islington, London, shows two officers holding a black handcuffed suspect on the sidewalk.

After his arrest on Thursday evening, a second officer was dismissed from operational post.

Met Steve Deputy Commander Sir Steve House said the images were “extremely disturbing” and referred to the police observer.

The force confirmed that a 45-year-old man was charged with holding a knife in a public place.

Marcus Coutain of Islington will appear in custody on Saturday at the Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court.


‘Get off my neck’

In the Footages shared with the BBC, one of the officers seems to use the knee to control the suspect and holds his hand on the man’s head.

The man in the handcuffs is yelling repeatedly: “Get out of my neck.”

He was finally released from the ground and continues to speak after sitting with the officers.

Several police cars arrive at the scene after the arrest officers are confronted by the audience.

An eyewitness told the BBC: “I was worried that it would be executed. George Floyd was killed like this.

“If it weren’t for the crowds that filmed the police, they would have strangled it or break its neck.

“He was on the ground and handcuffed, why did he kneel around his neck?”

Technique ‘not taught’

Sir Steve: “The video footage I saw today and surfed on social media is extremely disturbing.

“Some techniques used worry me a lot – not taught in police training.

“One officer was suspended and another officer was dismissed from operational duty, but not currently suspended. This decision will be reviewed.”

Scotland Yard said the man had been seen by a doctor ever since. He also directed the arrest to the Independent Police Conduct Office (IOPC).

BBC interior reporter Danny Shaw said Sir Steve’s comments were quite unusual in both tone and content, especially because he saw police worn images that were not made public.

He added that the former Scottish Police Secretary General complained earlier this week that some officers were unfairly targeted due to social media clips that did not show the full context of the situation.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said: “I am deeply concerned about this sad event, and as an emergency, we brought it up with senior officials of the Met Police.

“I welcome the quick review of the incident by Met and it is correct for them to refer it to the IOPC.”

According to Met, IOPC said it would conduct an independent investigation.

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