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Maja Popielarska (born in 1973 in Trzcianka ) – Polish journalist , presenter on TVN , TVN24 , TVN Meteo and HGTV .
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Maja Popielarska Biography

As a child, she lived in Africa, Liberia, and Ghana for several years. A graduate of the High School Stanisława Staszica in Trzcianka and SGGW, with a specialization in landscape architecture. Previously a weather presenter and production manager for Zoom at RTL 7. Weather presenter on TVN stations. Since September 10, 2004, in TVN Meteo, he has been running his own guide magazine on plant care and garden design, plots entitled Maja in the garden, currently under the name Nowa Maja in the garden and is broadcast in HDTV [2] . In 2007, she was also the author of the program Grunt to Zdrowie, which was broadcast on TVN Style.
RTL 7, Zoom – production manager, running the program
since 1999: TVN, TVN24 – weather forecast presenter
since 2003: TVN Meteo Active – weather forecast presenter
since 2004: Maja in the garden (TVN, TVN24, TVN Meteo Active (currently HGTV), TVN Style) – co-author and host of the program
2007: Grunt to Zdrowie (TVN Style) – host of the program

Maja Popielarska Publications

2007: The Beloved garden – May Popielarska ( ISBN 83-245-1238-1 )
2009: In the kingdom of garden plants ( ISBN 978-83-245-1638-4 )
2010: The balcony and terrace – a green oasis ( ISBN 978-83-245-1512-7 )
2012: The May in the garden of spring-summer ( ISBN 978-83-63014-104-9 )
2012: The May in the garden of the autumn-winter ( ISBN 978-83-63014-104-9 )
2014: 12 months have Popielarska: Calendar of work in the garden and on the terrace ( ISBN 978-83-64776-14-4 )
Awards and distinctions
2012: 2nd place in the Tele Camera plebiscite 2012 in the category “Weather presenter”
2013: “Honorary Green Laurel” (prestigious gardening industry award)

Maja PopielarskaPrivate life

He has two sons: Jakub and Jan.