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Lyle Hileman, 86, and Marilyn Hileman, Elderly couple killed in East Troublesome Fire. Lyle and Marilyn Hileman chose not to leave their home.

Lyle Hileman Death due to Fire Exploded

A couple who chose to remain at their home outside Grand Lake when the East Troublesome Fire exploded Wednesday night died, Grand County Sheriff Brett Schroetlin confirmed Friday.

Lyle and Marilyn Hileman were 86 and 84 years old.

Between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, the fire went from about 24,000 acres to about 125,000 acres. The Hilemans were contacted about the evacuation, but Schroetlin said they wanted to stay at her home.

Officers found their bodies inside their home, which was destroyed in the fire, on Friday.

The Hileman family released the following statement about the couple:

“Our parents, Lyle and Marilyn Hileman, loved Grand Lake. Married at a young age, they honeymooned in the area in 1952. Years later, they would purchase the property adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park. The property became a lifelong mission to create ‘heaven on earth’ to which family, friends and strangers would be drawn, who quickly became friends.

Lyle Hileman, 86, and Marilyn Hileman incident investigation report

On Wednesday night, several friends contacted them with offers of support in the evacuation. His friends Richard Cline, along with security officers, broke through the barricades in an effort to rescue the Hilemans. All offers to leave were rejected. At 86 and 84, their only wish was to be together in the home they loved.

In the spring of 2020, they sold the property to their son Glen in hopes of staying there as long as physically possible. On the night of October 21, they called Glen with the news that it ‘happened’. When pressed, they shared that the fire had started in the adjacent fields, barns and houses.

They were calm, determined and inflexible that they would not leave. They asked Glen to call his brothers who were in his basement in an area where they felt safe. Before hanging up the phone, Marilyn confirmed that they smelled like smoke. After communicating with all of her siblings, Glen tried to contact her parents again, but there was no response. It would be Thursday night before confirmation came in that the house was destroyed.

But our family is comfortable knowing that our parents left this world together and on their own terms. They leave a legacy of hard work and determination to overcome, something that all of Grand County will need.
Our family looks forward to continuing their legacy on the property and working side by side with our neighbors to rebuild and restore the sacred part of God’s world. ”

The Greater County Sheriff’s Office said there are no reports of other people missing in the fire.
Gov. Jared Polis said his heart went out to the Hilemans’ family and friends in a tweet Friday night: