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Luis Silberberg Wiki – Luis Silberberg Biography

Luis Silberberg is A Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy has been arrested after he allegedly defrauded the department out of more than $15,000 when he allegedly falsified overtime hours

Why Luis Silberberg arrested?

A Broward Sheriff’s Office lawmaker was arrested when he allegedly defrauded the department for more than $ 15,000 when he distorted overtime hours and lied about the number of hours he worked.
Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony announced the detention of 35-year-old Detective Luis Silberberg at a Thursday news conference outside BSO’s headquarters near Fort Lauderdale.

Luis Silberberg Other Criminal Violations

“This employee had several different criminal violations,” said Tony. “Theft from this organization is theft against this society. We work for this community. The community pays our salaries and this employee was unable to do their job and abused the trust that the public gave him. ”
According to BSO’s Public Corruption Unit, Silberberg distorted his overtime forms seven times, lying more than 50 times about a full-time shift work when the records showed that he did not lend BSO more than $ 15,000 in compensation and ultimately defrauded it.

Luis Silberberg Will face major theft

The arrest report claimed that the 35-year-old boy “actually did not enter Broward County or worked all day, working only part of his regular shift in Broward County and then returning to his residence. In Miami-Dade County. ”

Silberberg faces major theft, official abuse and fraud charges of acquiring property under $ 20,000.
“We have to be responsible,” Tony said. “We have to be transparent and the only way to be is when we find conditions or situations that violate the law we act on, we don’t expect anything to appear on a television channel about our employees.”
After 7News cameras captured Silberberg, he left Broward County Prison in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday night.
When asked if he wanted to comment on the arrest, Silberberg remained silent before getting in a waiting car.

Luis Silberberg Investigation is on going

As the investigation into the 35-year-old protests continues, Tony vowed to act quickly after abusing any task within the episode.
“From now on we won’t suspend and end employees,” said Tony. “If there is an opportunity with a possible cause, when we see things that are so strange, the police should be able to police themselves, and that’s the culture we build here.”