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A teenager is charged with an armed home invasion robbery in Florida, where two crime partners were shot and killed and injured.
Jeremiah Trammel, 19, crime partner Luis Casado, 21, and Khyle Durham, 21, were already shot dead during the alleged force-entry.
The man who shot the two men was the landlord who used weapons to defend himself at Wesley Chapel, near Tampa.
Casado and Durham were shot dead while walking along a narrow corridor towards the owner of the house.
Both covered their faces with black masks and pulled guns according to Fox35.
According to Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco, Trammel was able to quickly escape from the house, allowing a pause in the shot after the landlord’s gun suddenly jammed.
Trammel was caught by a neighbor, who also had the gun and kept him in place until the police arrived.

Luis Casado Fast Facts You must need to know

  • Two suspects, 21-year-old Luis Casado and 21-year-old Khyle Durham, were killed as they broke into a home near Tampa, Florida
  • A third suspect managed to survive after the homeowner’s gun suddenly jammed
  • Suspect Jeremiah Trammel, 19, will face second-degree murder charges because he was committing a felony in which two people died
  • Casado and Durham were revealed to have violent criminal pasts
  • Trammel ran from the home during a break in the shooting but was stopped by another neighbor with a gun and held until the police arrived

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