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Liz Krieger, 27, was having a drink on Sunday afternoon with friends other than Nick’s Veal Beef – the summer crowds acted as if there were almost no coronavirus.

Then, a nigga on a bike stopped near the restaurant on Second Street of the Old Town and said, “Social distance! Nobody wears a mask! ”Restaurant goers started yelling back and told him to go.
This was a typical disagreement in America in the pandemic – one of the men sitting nearby, local bar owner Jamie Atlig, stood up as if he had fought. Krieger and another woman ran to position themselves between them.

According to Krieger, while the man on the bike was shouting about the “MAGA franchise”, Atlig “Trump 2020!” Yell. That’s when Atlig pulled a gun, and Krieger said that he saw the Black man frozen in sight, and then pulled the bicycle lock in self-defense.

In seconds, the owner of the nearby Infusion Hall, Atlig, left his gun. And the other guy Krieger didn’t know took his bike and hit the road.

When the comment was reached, Atlig directed all questions to lawyer Robert Gamburg and confirmed that the person mentioned in the video was the one who pulled the gun out of the way. Gamburg said the pedestrians “faced” with the guests in the hall and that “he was busy with threatening behavior, threatening behavior.”

“Mr. Atlig has a firearm license. There is a wide range of firearm training. A business owner and threatened,” said Gamburg. “A person reached from behind for an object, Mr. Atlig exposed his licensed firearm, neutralized the situation and he sat down again. ”

After the incident on Sunday, Atlig was questioned by the police, Gamburg said he did not know who was calling the authorities to the scene.

A police spokesman, Eric McLaurin, said on Monday afternoon that “there is a very active investigation at this point”.

Krieger said the police arrived shortly after, but did not receive reports because the victim was gone. According to Krieger, the apparently lack of results tells him the story of his friend D.J. was what compelled to share with. Torney is the intern of City Council Member Isaiah Thomas, who posted on Twitter.

Deputies said Allyson Davis, 21, of Banner, Kentucky died in the wreck. According to investigators, it happened on Interstate-75 near the 175 mile marker around 9:30 a.m.

According to deputies, Davis was driving northbound on I-75 when she lost control of her car after driving through water. Her vehicle then spun out of control, they said, and ended up lodged under a semi-truck’s trailer.

“Black doesn’t have to be killed to make this a story,” he said. “He pulled the gun for a man telling the truth. We were not social withdrawal. He was completely right about yelling at us – and if I wasn’t there, Black people were shot that way, and then it was claimed that he had a bike lock and people thought it was a weapon. But let’s be clear: the bike lock was never pulled out [until the weapon was out]. ”

Philadelphia has said that since the department has returned to public life after months of closures and almost a month of protests, the department has made the Old City District think carefully about its plans to expand its outdoor meals on the street
“We want to do things cautiously and deliberately and worry about security the most,” he said.