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Letty McMaster, a YOUNG Briton became the mother of 14 Tanzanian children she met after volunteering at an orphanage during her year abroad.

British woman, 26, adopts 14 orphans after gap year trip to Africa. Letty!14! https://t.co/HMEVLt8uVW

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Letty McMaster, 26, was just 18 when a month of volunteering at an orphanage in Africa changed her life forever.

She ended up staying for three years to support the children she had met, and when the orphanage closed, Letty took in nine teenagers who were said to have been homeless.

Seven years later, she lives with the kids after becoming EVERYBODY’s legal guardian – along with five other kids she’s met on the street or in a safe house she runs.

Letty from Tunbridge Wells, Kent said

Letty from Tunbridge Wells, Kent said: “These kids have been my whole life, I raise them all on my own and they put me in long hours juggling.

“I had always thought about helping street children so that my family and friends weren’t surprised, but I didn’t expect me to do all of this.

“I am the parent figure of the house – some of the little boys who have never had a parent see me as their mother, but most of them see me as a big sister because I am not much older. than some of them.

“I am like any mother who raises teenagers – I am committed to them and I feel so lucky to have two families!

Letty had just finished high school in 2013

Letty had just finished high school in 2013 when she flew to Tanzania with an orphanage volunteering project for a month before returning home to college.

But she said she soon realized that the children were physically and mentally abused and claimed that the staff only fed the children once a day and pocketed the money tourists gave to the school.

Letty said: “I made the decision to fly to Tanzania after seeing figures showing hundreds of thousands of children living on the streets.

“The voluntourism and the white saviourism in this orphanage is the reason why I did it all.

“I saw how terribly harmful it was for children and how it started a continuous cycle of abuse.

“A lot of orphanages are like that – it’s just about making money and exploiting children.

“The kids still don’t get it, and I’m sure the Westerners had no idea – they thought they were helping but actually causing so much harm.

“The mistreatment of the children at the orphanage was horrendous and I saw the impact it had on the children and immediately knew something had to change.

“I couldn’t leave them in this situation, so my new goal was to give them a family home.”

When the orphanage was closed by the local council in 2016, Letty fought for the right to open her own home in Iringa for the nine homeless children.

She founded Street Children Iringa as a UK registered charity and brought five other children home after meeting them on the streets and at the shelter she runs.

Neither child was in school or living between the street and the orphanage when she met them, but their lives have changed dramatically since they moved into Letty’s house.

Eliah, was found on the street in the dead of winter

One of their boys, Eliah, was found on the street in the dead of winter, wearing only a t-shirt after his mother died.

He is now one of the 20 best students of his school year. Fred, 11, hadn’t eaten in days as he squatted in a junkyard.

Since moving into the family home in 2019, he has been accepted into a prestigious football academy.

After his parents died when he was just two years old, Iddy had spent most of his life on the streets, gangs and the orphanage where Letty first met him.

He moved into the family home in 2016 and is now a talented boxer and musician whose music is broadcast on local radio stations.

Letty said: “Since having a home, they have all excelled in education and in all aspects of their lives.

“Gosberth is one of the boys that I have looked after for seven years. He is now studying at one of the best private schools in the country and is the first student of his year.

“Eva is 19 years old and is the president of her university year. She does it very well and does a voluntary internship in an international NGO.