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Leslie Hirschorn Wiki – Leslie Hirschorn Biography

Leslie Hirschorn is a victim was shot and killed by his brother Jeffrey Hirschorn, who was charged with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon, was held overnight, and is expected to be arraigned later today, the police said.

Leslie Hirschorn Killer Charged

A 61-year-old urban man is charged with murder allegedly hitting his sister in the neck outside an Oakland Street home on Friday evening.
Police said Jeffrey Hirschorn, who was charged with second-degree murder and possession of a criminal weapon, was held overnight and is expected to be reinstated later today.

Leslie Hirschorn Age

The police said that the victim’s sister, Leslie Hirschorn, was 54.
Authorities say a man shot and killed his sister in the front yard of a house in Westchester after a man got involved in the dispute.
It occurred at 18:20. On Friday, July 3, in a single family residence on 31 Oakland Ave. in Yonkers.
Yonkers PD Detective / Lt said on arrival that Yonkers Police officers and Emergency Service officers placed an unresponsive woman on the floor in the front yard of the house. Dean Politopoulos. He was later pronounced dead at the scene.
Politopoulos also said that a male suspect at the scene, identified as 61-year-old Jeffrey Hirschorn, was detained without incident.
The police cordoned off the area and launched a criminal investigation.
Detectives from the Big Case Squad and Crime Scene Unit met with issues and witnesses, published for the surveillance video, and processed forensic and ballistic evidence.

Leslie Hirschorn Murder Investigation

The investigation said that Hirschorn and the victim were siblings and lived on site with their elderly mother.
According to Politopoulos, apparently they had a dispute over the property inside the house and then on the front lawn.
Politopoulos said that the dispute turns violent when a pistol and a fight arose, Hirschorn said.
Politopoulos claimed that Hirschorn then pointed the pistol at his sister and hit her neck by shooting once.
Politospoulos stayed at the Hirschorn scene and said the police had illegally rescued a 38-caliber pistol he owned.

Hirschorn made a statement to the researchers.

The elderly mother was taken to a local area hospital for evaluation. The investigation is open and ongoing.
Hirschorn was charged with a number of second-degree murders for a Class A violent crime; and having a gun crime, Class C violent crime.
He was held in Yonkers City Prison overnight and is expected to be brought to court later on Saturday (July 4th). The case is being followed by the Westchester County District Attorney General.
The victim was identified as 54-year-old Leslie Hirschorn.
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